The Debt Story

**A Necessary Update: Quite a few years ago, the Lord used a few people and some circumstances to show us how screwed up we had allowed our finances to become. He softened our hearts and allowed us the ability to become completely debt free. You can read our journey, but I would like to add this disclaimer now that we're a few years removed...
First, this is our story, not necessarily a formula you should follow. There are many principles we implemented that would probably work for everyone, but looking back, there are some things we would do differently, namely, not being so legalistic about the whole darn thing. We alienated quite a few loved ones with our zeal for living debt free. While we're still convinced living without debt is how God would like all His followers to live, I wish we would've annoyed people because we loved Jesus so much, not because we loved Dave Ramsey so much.
Secondly, our journey isn't over. While we're still debt free, God is continuing to refine how we view money, savings and giving.
So, keeping those things in mind, please feel free to read on!**

Yes, we're debt free.
No, it didn't happen over night.
And no, it wasn't easy.
In fact, it involved a lot of tears and sacrifice.
We followed the principles laid out in Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover in order to reach our goal of being debt free.

If you'd like to read our journey to see how we did it, or just to encourage you on your own journey you've come to the right place!

The Debt Story:

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