Sunday, November 16, 2014

Coming Back Down

Before we left for Chile, I thought that when we came home I'd have no problem sitting down and writing up an amazing blog post about our time.

I was so. so. wrong.

Even without the jet lag still raging and emotions clouding my mind, how does one take 9 days worth of life-altering information and package into neat little paragraphs and somehow manage to articulate every good and incredible thing the Lord is doing? It simply cannot be done.

I'm sure as I continue to process everything we've experienced and compartmentalize a little bit, I'll be able to begin putting words to the things that are necessary to share, and separate them from the things that need to be held back. What seems insurmountable today may feel perfectly feasible soon. I certainly hope so.

What I am able to articulate is this:

Chile is a wonderful country. Her people are warm and lovely and so very beautiful and kind.
Santiago is a crazy busy city so outside of my comfort zone, yet my heart is burning to return.
Chilean Spanish is other worldly.
Chilean food is my new favorite.
Our kids need to learn to play soccer. Rightnow.
IAM is facilitating and doing amazing things in Chile, and beyond. Each of their missionaries and pastors has a very clear and specific vision for what they are working to accomplish. Each one we met knows the physical and spiritual needs of their neighbors, neighborhood, town, city, country in a way that puts me to shame. I am challenged to be as knowledgable about the people around me as they are about the people surrounding them.
God answered our prayers above and beyond our expectations.
Thank you to everyone who prayed for and with us during this trip. I have been a little overwhelmed by the amount of people who have asked how the Lord answered specific prayers for us, and I'm humbled that we were able to see Him work in such tangible and perfect ways.

I intend to spend this next week sorting through our memories and photos to share, but in the meantime, here's a little highlight reel our team shared at church this morning.