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On Chile and other Chilean sorts of things

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I have been working on writing a blog post for a long time now, and each time I am unable to finish the post. Many of the things that have been happening in our life have been at the heart level; a place that is raw and vulnerable and often needs to be protected from Internet Land.
Many of these things pertain to our internship with IAM, but again, they are part of the refining and sanctifying work that is happening as the Lord prepares us for His work and removes our expectations, fears and reliance on anything other than Himself. So, it's been painful and wonderful and I would be thrilled to sit down with you over coffee and lay it all out. Let me know when we can plan it! ;)

I'm thankful to have something that could be considered an "update". I feel like many people wonder why we aren't sharing more, but the reality is, we haven't had much I've felt was worth sharing. As I said, what God has been doing for us has been at a heart level, and most other things we've simply been waiting on. While this has proven to be frustrating for me, it has also caused me to grow in my faith (and maturity...ahem) quite a bit.

But, now, I'm sitting here at my computer fresh off a call with Scott from IAM and a bag of kettle corn in my lap, and I am finally ready to give you an update!

It seems cliche, but we so desperately need your prayers. There is so much we don't know, so much we have to learn, so much to figure out...just so so much. Prayer does not come easily for me - unfortunately, it is often one of my "last resort" options, but slowly God is changing this in me. I am becoming more bold as I realize that God uses prayer to change us, to protect us, to reveal Himself to us and to answer us. The more I pray, the more I want to pray. As we move forward in this adventure, we need people to be praying for us every step of the way.

IAM is currently attempting to put together a working budget for our family. This budget will help us to determine the amount of monthly and start-up support we must raise.
*Please pray that the Lord would move in the hearts of those He has already chosen to support us financially. Once a budget and costs are determined, IAM will set us up with the ability to receive support through their website/office.

We are one of the first families that have applied for IAM's internship program. Generally speaking, their interns are younger college aged folk, looking for some cross-cultural and ministry experience. They are placed in a home with a family who provides food and lodging for the duration of their internship. As a family of six, we will need our own place to live. This not only increases our costs, but will also require a 12 month lease. In order to sign a lease, you need more than a visitor's permit. Since, at this point, we plan to be in Chile less than two years, we won't be applying for anything above a visitor's permit, so you can see how this may cause some problems.
*Please pray that the Lord would provide proper housing for our family. I am unsure how to even begin to think of how this may look, but that's probably a good thing. I'm not sure how to pray for our specific needs, but please pray with us that God would work out all the leasing/location details and that we would trust Him as He guides those who are looking on our behalf.

We will need a car for our family while living in Chile. As with the housing, in order to purchase a vehicle we need something more than a visitor's permit. This is also an additional cost we hadn't really considered. Which, knowing how much I've worried about every other detail, may surprise you. We will need a vehicle that will fare well in mountain villages, as well as city streets.
We will also need to travel outside of Chile every three months in order to renew our visitor's permits. As well, we will most likely be traveling to other South American countries where IAM has works going on.
*Please pray that the Lord would be working all transportation and travel details out. We will be working to save the funds we need for a vehicle before we leave for our internship, but the cost for a vehicle isn't much less in Chile than it is here, and we need the Lord's help to really buckle down and save. And it goes without saying that we really covet your prayers for safe travels!!

Our upcoming trip
On October 30, Mike and I will be leaving with a small group from our church to head down to Santiago to see some of the works that IAM has going on in Chile. We are so. excited. for this trip! We anticipate that it will help us to prepare and equip us a little bit for our internship as well as expose us to the culture, sights and sounds of our future home.
*Please pray first and foremost that we would be humble and seeking the Lord. As we prepare for this trip, we know that the spiritual warfare will ramp up. We want, and we need, to keep our eyes on Jesus and the goal of sharing Him and His glory. I have a tendency to get weighed down with the details and to stress and fret over the things I have no control over. I am easily distracted from the things that matter most. Please pray for me to see the big picture and to trust that God is taking care of all the details.
We will be gone for ten days, which is the longest we've been apart from our children. They will be spending the time split between their grandparents and will be in good hands, but it will still be tough on all of us to be so far apart for so long. Please pray for our kids, that God would bring them peace and comfort while we are gone, and the same for us!

As excited as I am for this next chapter in our lives, I also find myself grieving. This last weekend I spent in La Conner with the ladies from church at our annual Ladies' Retreat. I had so much fun - there was conviction, hope, laughter, tears, great teaching, wonderful testimonies of God's power and relentless love and grace, amazing was incredible. As I drove away Sunday I found myself already grieving the fact that next year, we may be living a world away and I won't be there. I fear I won't have as close of friends as I have here, I fear worship will be unfamiliar and church community will be difficult. I fear my children won't make friends and that Mike and I won't have community around us to support us. While these fears could be realized, I recognize them as lies from the enemy to rob me of the joy we have as we work toward what God has put before us. Again I ask, please pray for us.

If you would like to know anything more specific, please don't hesitate to send us an email. Make sure to subscribe to the blog so you can stay up to date with us!!

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Mark Hakso said...

Thanks for sharing your heart in this blog post. I'm looking forward to the trip to Chile with you, Mike and the others.