Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Dry Bones

"And I will put my Spirit within you, and you shall live ... Then you shall know that I am the LORD; I have spoken, and I will do it, declares the LORD." Ezekiel 37:14

I snapped this picture of our kids dancing on the beach last week when we reached the Oregon Coast. We arrived just before sunset and the kids could not be slowed as we headed toward the shoreline. As the sun was going down they were laughing and dancing and singing together.

We needed to get away as a family. This last year has held some major changes for us and things have really ramped up during the last few months. All of the changes have been really good for us and we see God's hand clearly in them all. Still, change is never easy and it has taken it's toll, especially on our kids. Since before Mike went to Honduras in March we have been going non-stop and we needed time to get away and really connect as a family. Seeing the smiles on our kids faces and feeling the tension in our shoulders ease away as we stepped out of our car into the cool ocean breeze was such welcome relief.

Have you ever heard a song and it instantly brings you to tears? There's just something about music that moves the soul, isn't there? In trying to describe how our lives have changed during the past year, I can never find the words. I am so thankful that I heard this song last week. It spoke right to my heart and is, what I consider to be, the theme song for our lives right now. It is the song our children were singing as they danced on the beach during sunset and the passage of Scripture it comes from is now etched into my heart.

I am thankful that, even in the midst of uncertainty and change, God can use His Word and music to comfort, challenge and excite us. I am thankful that not only does He use it for my own soul, but for my kids' as well. Watching them dance and sing this song as they marveled at God's amazing creation was more beautiful than there are words for and gave me peace, knowing that while God is awakening His Spirit inside of Mike and me, He isn't leaving our kids behind. He's bringing them right along with us.

(Want to read more about the Valley of Dry Bones? Find it in  Ezekiel)