Sunday, January 20, 2013

Road to Honduras

There are times in life when everything changes. Sometimes it happens suddenly and all at once and you are caught completely off guard; other times it's a much longer process, years of small coincidences and happenings here and there until you reach a point where they all connect and it all makes sense. When it all comes together, you aren't surprised at all, because as you look back you can see how everything has been leading up to this moment the entire time.
In our marriage, we have had many seasons of change and many of them have seemed completely unrelated. Yet, I sit here today, looking back over our almost twelve years of  marriage and I can say that I was very wrong. All of these changes have indeed been connected and have been shaping and molding the direction of our life together.
A season of change is once again upon our family, and while on the surface it appears to be happening quickly and out of the blue, I believe it has been in the works for a long time. Without boring you with a long (I mean really really long) post about what has been happening in our lives and hearts for the last year, I'll just skip ahead to right now. (Trust me, though, the long post is coming ...)
Through our church, Mike has been given the opportunity to head to Honduras with nine other men and with a non-profit organization called Dwellings that provides homes to those in developing countries. They will be building a home for a woman named Jessica and her three children. To say we are excited about this opportunity is an understatement. We feel that this is simply the first of many things that God is leading us to do as a family. While we aren't totally sure what that means, or how it is going to play out, we really can't wait to walk down this road and see what awaits us.
The team that is heading to Honduras is responsible for raising $12,000 in order to purchase the materials and build the home for Jessica. So far they have only raised about 30% of that so the next few weeks will be a frenzy of work and faith in order to see the funds come in. When Lincoln, our oldest son, heard that Mike was going to Honduras and that they needed to raise money, he decided he wanted to help. He's recently learned how to make para-cord bracelets and decided that he wanted to sell some in order to help raise money for the trip. Oh my goodness, how I love this boy's heart!

The last two days he has been busy working away to make bracelets to sell. He and Mike made a trip to Hobby Lobby and Lincoln picked out the cords and set to work as soon as he came home. It really has been a blessing for this momma's heart to see her son work so hard at something that is so selfless. I'm really proud of him!

Lincoln decided he would like to sell at least 30 of these bracelets in order to raise the amount of money he'd like to be able to donate. He sold his first two this morning (thank you Erin!!) and the smile on his face was too much.

So, Internet, in order to help Lincoln reach his goal, I'm turning to you! 
He is making bracelets in three colors and three sizes. Desert Camo, Green Camo, and Pink Camo (uh...boy, much?!) and they come in Adult L, Adult M/Child L, and Child M. For reference, an adult large fits Mike and the adult medium/child large fits both me and Lincoln, and the child medium fits our two younger children. $4 from the sale of each bracelet will go to the Road to Honduras trip (the other $1 will cover shipping and product costs.) When you place your order, please remember to put in your shipping address!!
If you would like to bypass the bracelet and donate to the mission directly you can do so HERE. Each donation made directly to the trip is tax deductible. However, if you'd like a killer para-cord bracelet then place your order below!
Thank you for your support for this mission. I am excited to keep you all updated on how this trip opens doors for our family and global missions in the future so stay tuned!!