Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Dennis the Menace

Yesterday was just one of those days.

The kids were all in rare form - argumentative, crabby, needy. The list goes on. After lunch we found Brooklyn and Simeon playing in some cans of paint we'd left out to dry. It was pretty easy to clean up but Brooklyn was devastated that she had ruined one of her dresses. Mike got a huge bucket of soapy water for them to clean off with, which he later found them giving it to the dog. To escape the craziness we made the decision to head to Target for a few things we needed where every single one of our children was out of control. Running up and down the aisles, throwing temper tantrums on the floor, pulling things off shelves...it left me thinking that somone really ought to parent my children. (Oh...wait...)

On our way home we stopped by my folks to pick up a blender (since I had broken ours the day before) and while walking back to the car Mike and I noticed that the kids had not only painted themselves...they'd also painted the passenger door and hood of our car. (Insert ridiculously heavy sigh here.)

After arriving home I made the kids play outside. Brooklyn insisted she needed to nap (thank God someone in our house was thinking clearly) so she put herself to bed. Mike continued his work in our garden and attempted to clean the paint off the car while I started on dinner. While deciding which herb to use in my pasta (Basil or oregano? Basil or oregano?...decisions decisions!) I heard Simeon crying outside and, as usual, prepared to give him kisses.

When he walked in the door and came over to me I was a little surprised by the fact that he didn't want me to put him down after his kiss. Usually one kiss and hug does the trick and he's back to being his normal crazy two year old self. When I asked him what happened he said Lincoln hurt him. This is not unusual - his older brothers like to treat him like he is as big and as coordinated as they are. He didn't want me to put him down so I took him to the living room where I noticed he was holding his arm. He still continued to cry and every time I moved him he cried more. I felt that something might be off so I went to the back yard to ask the older boys what had happened.

The conversation went something like this...

Me: Boys...I need to know what happened to your brother.
Lincoln and Judah (laughing): Oh mom...it was soooooo cool!
Me: What was?
Lincoln: We pulled this branch down, right here (points to a tree branch a good two feet over his head) and we pulled it back, and Simeon was standing right there (points to an area of the yard below the tree) and we let it go! It hit him in the chest and he went flying! It was awesome!
Me: (kind of getting nervous) How did he land?
Lincoln demonstrates how Simeon fell...on his arm.

So I went to find Mike.

"I think something is wrong with Sim's arm. He's not using it, he won't stop crying, the boys said he landed on it weird...I think it may be dislocated or broken."

Mike glares at the boys. "I just told them ten minutes ago to stop pulling those branches back."

He came into the house where Simeon was getting more and more agitated by the minute. He moved his arm and fingers around a bit and then said, "I think he's fine."

I, in usual form, began to cry and stated, "No, he's not. I'm taking him in."

After a little back and forth about where I should take him Mike put him in the car while I looked up wait times for the walk-in clinic down the road. Before I walked out the door Lincoln said, with tears in his eyes, "I didn't mean to break him mom." I think any irritation I had toward him dissipated in that moment. A quick hug to comfort him and I was off. Simeon screamed the entire way. When we got into the waiting room of the clinic he was screaming so much I could hardly hear the receptionist. It took all of three minutes before she said, "You know, they are going to triage him right away and get you to x-rays."

The x-rays were a painful experience for him but they determined he had indeed fractured his elbow. (Insert my brief moment of pride at the fact that my Mother's Instinct had been correct!) The fracture was in such a location that the doctor decided we should head south to Seattle Children's Hospital to see their orthopedic team. Then he said we were going right away - he wanted us to be admitted through the ER. Great.

At the ER they told us they needed to do another x-ray to determine the grade of the fracture. Once that was done they told us they reccomended surgery to fix the elbow. The location of the fracture in conjuction with the fact that there isn't much growth in that area led them to believe that if they didn't fix it it would heal in an improper position leading him to have wonky arms as he grew older. (Please note...no doctor actually used the term wonky but I'm pretty sure they wanted to.)

It was difficult for Mike and me to say yes to the surgery. Although we knew they felt we should do it, the thought of putting him under anesthesia was scary, and subjecting him to pain is never something we want to do. While they said his arm could heal incorrectly if left alone, they also said there was a small chance it could heal fine. We were put at ease a little knowing that there would be no blood loss and that the risk of them having to cut his arm open was miniscule. After prayer and discussion we decided we would go ahead with the surgery.

Around midnight Simeon was sent in for surgery. Although it wasn't an emergency situation they felt that it would be better to do the surgery right away instead of waiting a couple of days. Simeon hadn't eaten since lunch and for me, the thought of putting him through that again was heartbreaking.

So, here I am, nine hours after surgery, totally exhausted watching my sweet baby sleep with a giant cast and sling on his arm and a Looney Tunes hospital gown on.

He came out of surgery well. The nurses said the first thing he said was "Owie" and then "Momma". Love my baby boy! He has two pins in his arm that will be removed in three weeks and a totally awesome cast that I'm pretty sure will make him the most popular two year old in Sunday School.

I am so thankful for everyone's prayers yesterday - although I was anxious at times I never felt too overwhelmed and Mike and I both were able to remain calm. I am thankful for the Lord's protection over Simeon as that branch could have hit him in the face and I can only imagine the kind of damage it would have done there. He is a brave little trooper and I cannot wait to get out of this hospital and take him home! Thank  you to everyone who prayed for us and texted me during the evening and night - you all blessed me more than you know.

Car painting and a broken elbow all in one afternoon. This kid sure is doing a good job of living up to the nickname bestowed upon him by his uncle...Dennis the Menace.

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Chellie Dee said...

Oh Gen.... I'm in tears right now. What an ordeal for Simeon... and the whole family! I'm so glad that he is on the mend! I have to admit that he was on my mind all day at work and I hate being cutoff from getting updates at work!