Tuesday, April 19, 2011

It's the little things

Life is busy right now. It's a good busy. Sometimes I feel a little crazed, but overall, I feel like it isn't so bad. We are finally getting the hang of homeschooling (I think?), my photography business is picking up after the winter slump, my last sibling was just married off, we got a puppy (oh geez), we are finally trying to finishe the living room remodel we began forever ago ... it's a very fulfilling kind of busy, but busy nontheless.

So, in my busy moment today, I was growing frustrated and took a moment to breathe...

And out of the corner of my eye ...

I can't help but wonder how long those little guys have been hanging there? Have I been closing the blinds every night without even noticing? Did it just happen this morning? Have I really been that busy?

This reminds me...it is spring (despite the freak snow showers we've been getting) which means, it is time for spring cleaning. And oh my goodness...my windows are embarrassingly dirty. One more thing to add to my busy list.

I kind of like the army men though. I wonder if I can clean around them.