Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ahoy Matey!

My boys are slightly (read: totally) obsessed with anything pirate right now, so when I received an email from Charles over at Costume Discounters I was totally excited to see that they had plenty of pirate costumes in stock. Judah's birthday is next month and the offer to choose a costume to review couldn't have come at a better time.

Up until now our costumes have consisted mostly of hand-me-down's and 75% off clearance racks at Target. Yeah, yeah...big spenders over here. Those costumes have lasted a decent amount of time, and are ok, but the material is thin and cheap and they aren't very good for outdoors. Yes...I let the kids wear their costumes outdoors. You don't think Darth Vader and Optimus Prime can be restricted to the confines of our house do you? I assure you...they cannot. If the costumes get snagged or pulled on they tend to come apart pretty easily. I'm just glad my kids are more gentle on their costumes than they are on their regular clothes!

Judah and I sat at the computer forever (these decisions are important when it comes to what one will be wearing at one's own sixth birthday...right?!) and he finally settled on the Swashbuckler Pirate Costume from the boy's costume section. I expected that, as with Target and Wal-Mart, it would arrive in a flimsy plastic bag, if anything at all. I was shocked when it showed up in a garment bag. Seriously? I don't think I've ever purchased anything that required a garment bag...except my wedding dress. (side note: I need to go shopping more.) I pulled the costume out and it was so velvety soft I literally rubbed it on my cheek. Yeah...that sounds weird. I also sniff the clean laundry when I fold it. I guess the sensory stuff is important to me? There is nothing scratchy on this costume! Not only that, the stitching is strong and the fabric is thick. Even though Judah will be wearing this for his spring birthday, he'll also be wearing it the rest of the year for play. This thing will still be around when Simeon is his age!

The only disappointment was the little boot covers. The strap snapped when Judah put them on the first time. It's not a big deal, as the covers stay on without it (and I suppose I could break out the ol' sewing kit to do a stitch or two...heh heh.) but Judah was sad it broke right off the bat.

I am more than happy with this costume. I don't like spending a lot of money on things like costumes because a) my kids ruin them and b) shouldn't I know how to make this kind of stuff? Isn't that what homeschooling stay-at-home mom's do? Please say no.

When Mike came home from work and Judah modeled the costume for him he suggested we start buying our costumes from Costume Discounters. The prices are very reasonable and honestly, the quality can't be matched by the discount department stores.

So he's not wearing the rest of the costume, but he was wearing the hat. Please notice the very piraty "ARRGH" expression.
I'm sure it's obvious that I did this review in exchange for a free costume. I like me some freebies. However, in all honesty, I'm glad we tried it out. We would truly purchase from this company when we have a costume need. I like having stuff around that can handle the wear and tear that four children can dish out and this costume is made to last.

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