Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Random Sprinkling of Vacation-missing Thoughts

Wanna see something?

The other thing I wanted to show you was this ...

Actually, that's not really it either but since most of the country is covered in snow and ice I thought a gorgeous tropical sunset might make you smile.

Also, even though the sun is shining and we finally have a break from the rain, I cannot, for the life of me, get warm. I stand in front of the oven, in front of the fireplace, drink tea ... nothing helps. Not even the extra 6 pounds (gulp) I gained during our trip is able to keep me warm. But the memories...oh the memories...at least my heart is warm.

This is what I really wanted to show you. It's the painting Mike bought me while we were in Lahaina. The people we rented from are amazing artists and every night we came sauntering back up to the house they would be out on their porch painting away. Steph was working on this one when we arrived and I fell in love with it right away. There's just something about it that spoke to me ... I feel like it encapsulates my life so well. Steph, and her hubby Auggie, have a whole collection of amazing pieces they have worked on individually and together. Their son also paints, amazingly well, and they display most of it for everyone to see.

There were quite a few pieces I loved.

The pictures I took don't do the paintings justice. (Kind of on purpose since selling their art is their livlihood and I don't want anyone to cheat and just copy...not that any of you would.) If you are ever in Maui you have to stop by their little studio in Lahaina and check out what they have to offer. And if you aren't ever going to Maui, then I feel really sorry for you. Heh heh. They have a website you can look at and peruse...even if you can't buy right now, it's worth a look.

All of that to say ... I finally have an original piece of artwork that I cannot wait to display in my home.

I took this picture the first hour we were there. I wanted to capture the warmth and water so I would never forget. If I stand in front of the oven and look at this picture my legs start to defrost.

A little.

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