Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Day Late

Friday morning after Mike left for work he gave me a call.
" you want to drive me into work tomorrow? Do you need the car?"
"Eh...I don't know. I don't really think I want to go anywhere."
"Really? You didn't want to spend New Year's Day with your parents?"
" today New Year's Eve?"

What happened to this year?!

It seems like it just disappeared - which is so cliche to say but honestly, where did it go?

I have to admit I'm glad I spent some time blogging this year as I can look back and remember what the year held for us. Also, our external hard drive crashed a bit ago and if it weren't for dear old Google I would no longer have access to our year in pictures. Thank you Google. It is also fun to look back and see how my blog has evolved from focusing primarily on being married to a police officer and shifting to about just being married and being a mom. I feel more comfortable as a blogger, more like I've found my true voice. Here you can see some of my favorite posts of the last year.

In the last few years I have started the habit of making "Looking Forward To..." lists as opposed to "Resolution" lists. First, it makes me feel excited about what I put on the list, and second, if I don't get around to it, I don't feel like a failure. So here goes!

* I look forward to potty training my baby. Along the same lines, have you ever read the book by Karen Kingsbury, Let Me Hold You Longer? Get our your Kleenex.
* I look forward to enhancing my skills as a photographer and continuing to grow my hobby into a business.
* I look forward, immeasurably, to celebrating ten years of marriage.
* I look forward to spending less time on the computer.
* I look forward to establishing a routine and philosophy for homeschooling that works well with my family.
* I look forward to beginning a morning routine that gives me a good start to my day. Namely, exercising regularly, reading my Bible, and having a few minutes of quiet before everyone else is up.
* I look forward to getting a dog. A teeny tiny dog.
* I look forward to finally finishing the paint in the living room, bedrooms, and kitchen. Ok...I look forward to finishing the majority of projects we've begun over the last eight years we've lived in this house.
* I really truly look forward to everything this year has in store. There is so much uncertain and so much Mike and I have been talking about; what will this year hold for us? Often I find myself nervous and worried about the unknown, which is, just about everything. But I find myself even more excited to see how God is going to come through for us, how He is going to lead us, and how everything is going to come together. I am even looking forward to how He is going to stretch me and grow me - and yes, I realize that's a scary thing to say. I just know that with what He has taught me about Himself this year, I am unafraid of challenges and trials because I know He is leading me through them and orchestrating it all.

So, 2011...bring it on! I'm excited to meet ya!

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CM said...

Oh I'm so jealous...I wish I could get into a morning routine like that...working out, reading my Bible, and time to pray. It just hasn't happened yet.

I hope you have a blessed New Year!