Monday, December 27, 2010

Oh by gosh by golly...

A few days ago my dear friend Momma K9 sent me a text that simply read "Bluuuuuuuuuurp. The sound of my thighs expanding."

Can I get an amen or what? Seriously...the food.

We spent all of Christmas Eve with Mike's side of the family. The day began with a peppermint mocha, almond scones, breakfast casserole, and gingerbread pancakes with homemade syrup (also known as maple flavored fat, or, heaven in a bottle). Dinner was a combination of carne asada tacos, homemade refried beans, Mexican coleslaw, fresh corn tortillas, Jamaican patties, curried chicken with peas and rice and too many cookies to remember. I found myself wishing for my leggings and regretting my choice of size 4 jeans.

Christmas day began with cinnamon rolls and candy from the stocking. I know it may be weird, but we're all about health around here. Or...not. After my third truffle of the morning I decided my size 4 jeans mistake would not be repeated and I grabbed my elastic waist leggings. Best. Purchase. Ever. After gifts we went to my parent's house where we dove into the jalepeno artichoke dip, and the seafood dip. And a few more cookies. My sister showed up with hummus and vegetables so I decided to eat a little more healthy and in between bites of almond rocha and sips of hot buttered rum I would eat a cucumber slice. For dinner my dad did up an awesome prime rib roast, potatoes from the garden, 7-layer salad (as requested by Lincoln), and...a crab pot. Oh yes. Prawns, clams, crab, red potatoes and corn on the cob all in one delicious place...with butter for dipping. Of course. My sister-in-law made an amazing trifle for dessert.

On Boxing Day we once again went to my folks for turkey, more potatoes, more salad, loads of gravy and green beans with bacon. And leftover trifle. You can't let dessert go to's kind of a commandment.

And that's just Christmas weekend. I won't even divulge the kind of food that I put into my body in the weeks leading up to Christmas time.

So, this morning, bright and early, I spent some quality time with Jillian Michaels. I'm hopeful she can help undo what Christmas eating has done.

And if not? Well...I'll maintain that every bite was totally worth it.

(Will you remind me I said that in a few weeks when I'm trying to squeeze into my bathing suit for our trip to Maui?)

Chocolate covered Peanut butter bacon balls. Just one (of many) things I ingested in December. Pretty much, if you want to be a hero to everyone you know, you will make these. Recipe to follow soon!

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Momma K9 said...

I'm nit sure if I should be honored you mentioned me or completely embarrassed! Lol
Oh and remind me why I was not at your parents for Christmas? You had me at crab pot! :)