Monday, November 22, 2010

What I am not.

I am not a hot weather fan. Nor am I a cold weather fan. Which is why the Pacific Northwest is the perfect place for me.

Although I love hot weather. I mean, Mike is taking me to Maui for our anniversary in 66 days (give or take a few hours.) And it is snowing out and I love love love snow and am hopeful that this winter will be as snowy and cold as they say it it going to be.

So, I'm pretty much a mixed up jumbled mess of loving a tan as long as their is air conditioning and wanting to sled as long as their is a roaring fire and hot chocolate (preferably with a little Bailey's. Just sayin'.)

I'm glad you all got to know me a little better today.

1 comment:

Yellow said...

The really good thing is that Hawaii does not get that HOT, around this time of year it will be a great 80-85 LOL I loved it there. As for snow, well I cannot say I agree with you. I dislike snow, and cold so much it hurts.