Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Thanksgiving List

I have so many things to be thankful for. Yet somehow, sometimes, I get into this whining grumbling rut where I seem to wallow in my self pity and focus only on what I wish I had to be thankful for. The last few years God has really worked on me in this area and I think (hope?) I'm getting better. One reason I love this time of year is because we have a holiday devoted specifically to being thankful - it forces me to look beyond my little grave of self pity and think about all I have been blessed with. And although I don't feel I've been in my little wallowing hole as of late (thank you Lord) I still wanted to come up with a list of a few things I am especially thankful for ... (not in order importance...except #1 and 2 of course). Happy Thanksgiving!

1. The thing I am always most thankful for is that I have a relationship with God through Jesus. Also, that He really truly leads me so gently. I feel like that last couple of months have pushed me to another level of faith and understanding - and it's pretty cool.

2. My husband that still makes my knees weak when he smiles, the children he has given me, and the life he has made with me.

3. I tolerate gluten. Hallelujah for carbs. Amen.

3. I am beyond thankful that the great state of Washington is so lenient with their homeschooling laws and that I have the freedom and flexibility to educate them the way I feel is best.

4. That my husband not only has a job, but a job that provides well for our family ... and one that he enjoys. Rare and wonderful.

5. That I have four children. It's just cool.

6. Hot showers. Mmmm...tankless means endless. So. Very. Thankful.

7. I'm thankful for my DSLR camera.

8. Riesling. And I'm beginning to be thankful for merlot.

9. I know I've mentioned it before (and I'm sure it will be mentioned again) but my mom lives less than a mile away. And I love that. And she's one of my best friend's. And she let's me use her Shark steam mop. And she babysits for free. And she makes me dinner. And she lives less than a mile away.

10. I have a group of women I meet with once a month - they are all married to police officer's. I have grown to depend on these women immeasurably. Not because my husband is a jerk, or his schedule sucks, or his department is difficult ... but because they accept me and encourage me and uplift me. It is rare to find a group of women who refuses to berate and belittle the men in their life. I am proud and thankful to belong to this fabulous group and to count those women as some of my closest friends.

11. I have some girlfriends that I grew up with - and we all still get together. How cool is that? It doesn't happen as often as I'd like, but at least once or twice a year we've been able to make it work and the time is sweet. I am thankful that we continue to make the effort to maintain and cultivate our relationships.

12. I was able to spend some quality time with my sister and niece from Arizona this year. I cried when they went home. I miss them.

13. Jen came for almost a week. It was wonderful. I cried when she left.

14. My sister in laws - Tara, Sarah-Jane and (soon!) Candace. I'm also thankful for the men who made them my sister in laws... my pesky little brothers Isaac, Micah and Matthew. How I love them.

15. My in-laws. No woman is as fortunate as I am (in my opinion).

16. Julie. Technically she's Mike's sister in law, but she's one of my dearest friends. She's basically wonderful.

17. My sisters. Rachel and Rebekah.

18. My coffee grinder and barista.

19. Starbucks.

20. Worship music.

21. My King size bed.

22. My dad. I'm 31 years old and to me - he's still pretty Supermanly.

23. I'm close with my cousins and I count them among my dearest friends. Family reunions are probably near the top of my "Most Fun Weekends" list.

24. Being debt free.

25. Netflix on the Wii.

What are some things YOU are thankful for this year? Does being thankful help you to stay out of self-pity ruts?


sarahrose said...

I love your list! It truly makes me so happy for you!! Cannot wait to get together soon :-)

Jessica Benson said...

I'm thankful for you and your photography business. I also LOVE hot showers. Love you so much!

Jessica Benson said...

I'm thankful for you and your photography business! I also love hot showers. Love you so much!