Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Best Decision

I've started reading Keys For Kids with my children every morning. I grew up with Keys For Kids - they are great little devotionals. Every day there is some scripture to read, a verse to memorize, and a Key - a shorter easier little phrase that sums up the story. It really is a great little resource for my family - the verses are good to have my older boys working on memorizing, and the Key is awesome for the babies. They feel such a sense of accomplishment when Mike walks in the door and they can all tell him what the Key for the day was! And for me ... well, I feel like I'm taking care of some of my most important jobs as a mother.
First, teaching them how to read and understand the Bible.
Secondly, teaching them to memorize and hide the Scripture in their little hearts. The times when verses from the Bible have come to mind exactly when I needed them are too many to count. I want, so badly, for my kids to have that same assurance and guidance as they grow.
Thirdly, leading my children to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and helping them to develop their own personal relationship with Him.
We are backed up a couple of days on the Keys For Kids since we took the kids away for a couple days at the beginning of the week. I opened up today's Key and found that it was part 2 so I found yesterday's story and printed it out. I sat down with the kids and scanned the verse and key.
The verse was John 3:3 "I say to you, unless one is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God."
The key was "Live forever in heaven."
Oh boy I thought. We're getting to some meat today!

After reading the little story I read the 'How about You' section: Did you know that your soul is the most important part of you? Nobody can see it, but it will live forever - in either heaven or hell. If you have accepted Christ as your Savior, you'll live with Him in heaven someday. If you haven't done that, don't wait. Trust Him and be born again today.

As I read that, Lincoln raised his hand. "Mom," he said, "I don't know if I've done that. Can you ask Jesus into my heart for me?"
I had to explain that only he could ask Jesus to be his Savior - that it was a decision I couldn't make for him, but that I could help him if he wanted me to. I explained that we all sin, and because God is perfect and can't look at sin, that our soul had to go to hell. Then I explained that Jesus had lived perfectly and that because He died, and more importantly rose from the dead, that if we asked Him to be our Savior, when we die, God will look at us and see Jesus in us - His perfect Son, and that our soul can go to heaven. And then I told him that if he believes that in his heart and says it with his mouth, then he will go to heaven.
And then we prayed and my son asked Jesus to be his Savior.
And I bawled like a little baby.
"Why are you crying Mom?"
"Because Honey. Not every mom knows for sure that she will see her child in Heaven - but me, I know. I know without a doubt that you will be there and that makes me so happy the only thing I can do is cry."

I'm still crying. The joy in my heart makes me want to explode. This decision that determines the course of my son's life - I don't take it lightly. I understand that he doesn't totally get it all; that Mike's and my responsibility for leading him and directing him is only just beginning. But Lincoln has taken that first step - he has a faith now and this momma ... well, she's a blubbering joyful mess.

An unashamed blubbering joyful mess.

Click HERE to read Keys For Kids


Deputy's Wife said...

Aww, yay! So excited for you guys! See you when we all get there!

Melissa said...

That is so awesome Gen! The moment our kids ask Jesus into their hearts is THE BEST. I might start doing Keys for Kids with ours too in addition to our regular thru the bible curriculum. :) What a special day for your family...especially Lincoln!

Momma K9 said...

And now I'm crying, again! What a glorious day!

CM said...

Oh my goodness, I just got shivers and almost started crying too! I guess as moms, that's really all we want/need for our children some day is to accept Christ as their savior. That's wonderful.