Monday, October 4, 2010

Some things ...

1. My baby brother is getting married. I had this hair brained idea that, since my future sister in law was trying to plan a wedding from London, that I should get involved. Since she arrived only last week we have spent nearly every day running around like wild yay-hoos getting everything 'tidied up'. Today, less than three weeks before the wedding ... we ordered the wedding cake. 

2. I fully launched my photography business. Yikes!
Actually, it's been very fun. I've had actual paying jobs and it. is. amazing. 
I started a blog for it, Genesis Ann Photography. It's still pretty rough around the edges but Melissa is helping me (God love her) so hopefully in the next few weeks it will look totally rad.

3. I just said rad. Ha!

4. I still have no idea how to home school. My oldest said he loved homeschooling so much because we didn't really have to do much work. Which means...we have a lot of work to do.

5. I have, however, started teaching J to read. The other day he read his first sentence and the joy on his face almost made me cry. It was awesome.

6. I have no time to sit down and write something.

7. Oh, speaking of my photography business, if you're on Facebook you can Like me if you want. I hate the way that sounds ... but, look me up!

8. My washer has been broken for two weeks. The GE repair man said they would have the part to fix it on October 12. I think not having a washer is quite possibly one of the worst things that can happen to a mother. Ever. 

9. I'm doing a Bible study right now called One in a Million by Priscilla Schrier. It is absolutely changing my life and changing the way I see everything about life. It sounds silly to say but ... wow. If you ever have a chance to take this study, do it.

10. I'm sorry (TWYLA!) that I haven't written more of the debt story. I want to. I think about it. A lot. I just ... don't ... do ... it. So...sorry. I will. Soon. I think. Probably.

11. Oh! This very evening I booked our tickets to Maui for our 10th anniversary. And that will get me through the next four months and the Holidays without (hopefully) gaining weight!


Anonymous said...

Gen...I never felt like I did any work when I was home Schooled...and I must have because I graduated from college(0: So maybe it's good he doesn't feel like he has to do much work!

Sister Copinherhair said...

I was exhausted...EXHAUSTED, I tell you!...after just an hour of math homework last night. Kudos to you for even trying the homeschool route. I mean that.

CM said...

Maui!!! Wow, that will be wonderful!

Good luck with wedding planning and Congrats on your new photography website! You are a busy girl...take care of yourself too!

twyla said...

I can't wipe the stupid smile off my face. I am so excited to open your blog and see a new post. I really don't think I care what you write about as long as you are writing it and I am reading it. Seriously. It makes the miles between us seem shorter.