Thursday, October 28, 2010

A List

1. I tried Time 4 Learning with Lincoln this morning. After two math lessons he was able to play a math game, which  he loved. At the end of the game was a quiz, which he did not love. He cried and cried when I told him he had to take the 5 question quiz. This made me wonder two things.
     a) Oh my gosh, would you behave this way if Mrs. Bedlington told you you had to take a quiz?
     b) Oh my gosh,  did you behave this way when Mrs. Bedlington told you take a quiz?

2. My children have been playing in their own little make believe world for about an hour without any tears or hitting. What is sweeter than that? (Ok...when they are sleeping. But, other than sleep ...)

3. A few weeks ago Mike and I decided that we weren't going to let the kids watch TV anymore; that it would be a special 'treat' instead of what they got to do every time I didn't know what to do with them. It went really well for the first two weeks - and then Mike got Netflix for the Wii and now the TV's been on for like ... I don't know. Thirteen hours straight. Give or take.

4. I have decided that beginning on Monday November 1 I will no longer be eating sugar. There are a few reasons for this.
     a) Sugar triggers my migraines.
     b) I am addicted to sugar 'like a cocaine addict is addicted to cocaine' (direct quote from my naturopath)
I have done this a few times over the years and each time the result is wonderful. I lose weight, I stop getting migraines and daily headaches, I no longer crave Nerds for breakfast. It's beautiful. I can never go too long as eating seems to be such a social behavior and I hate sounding like a total tool when I'm offered dessert.
"Oh, no thank you. I don't eat sugar. You do?"
Ok, it isn't that bad, but it feels that bad. And inevitably I end up eating Skittles and claiming that they are basically fruit so it's okay and I spend days in bed with migraines and I put on five pounds and I end up needing to go cold turkey. Again. Cold turkey is the only way I know though - I have never been able to figure out how to wean myself off of sugar. It's all or nothing.

5. This year we aren't letting the kids Trick-or-Treat. Like before, I have a few reasons.
     a) My children are petrified of every. single. thing related to Halloween. At the grocery store Mike had to take them out another route while I checked out because there was a skeleton by the cash register and they all went into convulsions. Or something.
     b) I'm having a hard time answering the hard questions, most of which are from my oldest son, Lincoln.
"Mom, are witches real?" "Mom, why do people dress up for Halloween?" "Mom, what are zombies?" "Mom, are there really ghosts?" "Mom, why do people celebrate Halloween?"  and the zinger ... "Mom, if everything about Halloween is about the Devil and evil, why do we celebrate it?"
     c) My strong affection and slight addiction to sugar. Please re-read #4 above.
This will be a year by year thing. Perhaps when they can walk past a spider without screaming and running the other direction, or when they can understand the difference between dressing up and getting candy and actually celebrating Halloween, or when their mother is no longer fighting the sugar demons...perhaps then.

6) I roasted about 100 cloves of garlic yesterday. My house smells delicious but I'm pretty sure that I don't smell so wonderfully.

7) The Bible study I've been doing, One in a Million by Priscilla Shrier, has been amazing. When we got to the chapter on the Oasis of Complacency - I quit. I was terrified of what I'd learn; of what God would show me. One (of the many) things she said was, "If you aren't feeling attacked, then you aren't a threat." Gulp. I can't remember the last time I wondered why the Enemy was hounding me.
Last night as I fell asleep I apologized to God and this morning I picked the study up again. I'm still really terrified of what He's going to reveal to me...I've felt for a long time that change was coming to my family. I'm still unsure of what that means or how that will look ... but I do know that if I'm willing to step out of the comfortable oasis and head for the promised land, even if the journey is tough, the rewards will far outweigh the difficulty.

8) I apologize for all the Christian-ese in #7.

9) Our external hard drive crashed. It had over three years of videos and pictures - not to mention all our other important documents - on it. I started thinking of the first time Brooklyn (and Simeon!) walked and their high pitched, off key singing, or when Lincoln recited his first memory verse or Judah sitting in his seat in front the washing machine crying while his Blankie took a bath, or the video of the kids playing with my tummy as the baby inside it jumped around ... and now I'm a basket case. Blurg.

10) A month ago, when we discovered our washing machine was leaking, I thought it was one of the worst things that could happen to me. (Sometimes I tend toward the dramatic...but only a leeetle.) When the repair company said the part wouldn't be in for two weeks, I complained a lot. When they called back and said that it actually wouldn't be in for four weeks I went a little crazy. When my husband called and talked to GE and they replaced our washer within two days and sent us a check to repair all the damages (and then some) I felt slightly ashamed and very sheepish. I thought about how God had allowed something temporarily inconvenient and uncomfortable so that He could bless us with something unexpected. I watched Him provide for my family in a way I never would have thought of. I saw how He had been taking care of me from the beginning - that although he led me to a hardship, he'd already had a plan in place to take care of me. I wonder, if I had had a better attitude when the washer first broke, how much more I could have learned from this situation. I also wonder, if when I'm faced with another difficulty, perhaps one that actually matters (like death or illness) if I will be able to remember how He provided for me with a stupid little washing machine and if I will remember that if He cared enough about me in that situation, how much more He must be taking care to provide for the big ones.

11) My brother's wedding is over. Thankfully. One of my great joys was tate my sister was able to come up from Hell ... er, I mean Arizona. I have missed her so much! For the first time ever, all six of us kids were in the same wedding. It was so awesome!

You can see some of my pictures from the wedding HERE

12) Thanks for putting up with my random posts and flighty-ness lately. You guys are the greatest.


Yellow said...

Love that the washing machine got all worked out. But hun at my house no wash IS reason for panic. . .even if it is just a LITTLE! :)

I have to agree with the Trick-or-Treating. Never did it as a kid myself, and don't care that T-rex likes it! To me it just helps promote greed in little kids, and the idea that people should give them stuff if they are cute. . .Trust me the kids don't need to work that skill!

CM said...

Good luck with eliminating sugar. Can you please share what your typical menu looks like then? Like, what do you put in your coffee? Or what type of cereal do you eat? I too eat way too much sugar, but I'm not sure how to do without it. Does that make sense?

The pictures...that a bummer! Can you contact the manufacturer to see if they can help?

That Bible study sounds amazing. I might have to check it out! :-)

twyla said...

I have missed you so much!! Thanks for a great list. I needed some of your blogging today. =)

Melissa said...

Whenever my kids get nervous about one of the quizzes or tests on T4L I just remind them that the quizzes are just a way to help them to know that they understood what they just learned in the lesson. It isnt about getting 100% or being "right". This helped Jack especially. He would be totally bummed out if he got like 70% on a quiz until he grasped this concept. :) Homeschooling... a whole new way to see who your kids "are".

mrs. fuzz said...

Love your list! and goodness I am with you on #4. It's hard!!!