Friday, October 8, 2010


I have this huge long post that is dying to be written. The words are eluding me. I've been working on it for days. I am seeing life with new eyes and my heart is totally changing - these are very good things. So I try to write it down and I find that what I write just sounds stupid. 

Just thought I'd share that.

In other news, I took my kids for a walk today. After having to turn around after two blocks because B forgot to pee before we left, and after she almost got run over while I was helping J find his flip-flop that S had knocked off his foot, we finally made it to the sidewalk a few blocks up the street where I could finally breathe again. 

I figured, since I'm trying to start a photography business and all, I should bring my camera along and get some pictures of my own kids.

I have to admit, I don't know why getting them to smile/stand still/look at the camera/not throw temper tantrums is so difficult for me. Other people's kids smile/stand still/look at the camera/don't throw temper tantrums for me! Sheesh!!

But this one turned out kind of cute. Because it didn't require smiling/standing still/looking at the camera.

And at least they are all looking at the camera here. It only took me saying, " about we all say what costumes we want to wear? How about we all pretend we're happy! How about I make you snickerdoodles? How about, um ... Say HI DADDY!" 
That got 'em. They'll do anything for Daddy. 
Little stinkers.


Sister Copinherhair said...

Little stinkers for sure! What IS it with Daddy? The daddies always get the smiles.

The pictures are great!

twyla said...

Can't wait until you find the words. You know this post will have me checking every day, twice a day until you find the words. =)

Yellow said...

I love the one of them all walking away, it's cute. And Yes Daddy is the magic word around our house too. Not fair I say! But then I would have a few minutes in time out, because "not fair" is a bad word in our house. . .See I can't win!

Hope the writers junk cleans out soon for you!

CM said...

On the post that is aluding you...just write it out, whatever is on your mind. Don't censor it or anything. Then, go back and tweek it. Or put it down and come back to it in a day or two. But just write it without stopping yourself. Sometimes we can be our own worse critic.

The pics...way cute! My fav is the one where they are all in a line. And the trick you used to get them to smile...I'm totally stealing that! :-)

Jessica said...

I love the picture of the four of them in a row!