Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Wedding

Yesterday two of my children were in a wedding. B was one of five flower girls. Did I type that correctly? Did I say five? I did?

L was the only Bible bearer.

Weddings stress me out, even when they aren't mine and when I'm not in them. I can't help but help (which is basically me telling people what to do) and when people don't listen to me my jaw starts to clench. As if grinding my teeth will make people listen. For some strange reason the bride ignored me, the mother of the bride rolled her eyes at me and the groomsmen just waved me away. The nerve. So I stuck to bossing the kids; generally they listen to me. Especially if I threaten to take cookies away. Then they do what I say.

After rereading that last paragraph I can admit I have control issues. It is what it is.

I decided it is better for me to attend a wedding and not know any details. Just show up, watch, clap, eat cake.

Speaking of cake ... I ate two pieces.

My stomach hurts today.

I'm done with weddings for awhile. Until my brother gets married in October. But then I'm really done with weddings. Until my other brother gets married. The problem with large families...someone is always getting married. As long as they just let me show up and eat cake, and mabye boss just a little, I should be fine.

I may be a little biased, but I'm pretty sure she was the prettiest flower girl.

He's so cute he can even make a bolo tie look god.

My niece, Kaitlyn, was a Junior Bridesmaid. She is the love of L's life. Not in a weird way. Just in a Next to my mom you are the love of my life kind of way. And I just threw in the next to my mom because he's seven now and I can't handle it when he says, "When I grow up I'll marry Jillian and move to Texas." Oh...Jillian, the other love of his life. Next to me. And Kait.

B and her BFF (also my niece), La-lee. Or Natalie for those of us who don't have speech issues. My sister-in-law and I used to worry that these two would never be friends. They would fight all the time over everything.

They seem to have grown out of it.


TM said...

Absolutely Adorable!
I love weddings, except all the chaos that comes with them. Being a guest suits me well.

Deputy's Wife said...

Too cute!

CM said...

Oh, so cute!!! And funny commentary too!

Love the adorable!