Friday, August 6, 2010

Totally Random Hoodie

1. We got an envelope in the mail today. My first thought was, "Oh Lord...not another bill." Turns out it was the recap from my family reunion last month. Phew. Reading the letter made me tear up; it wasn't mushy or anything but it just had family and love oozing from it. This is family that I don't even know but I really desperately want to know them. So I always want to go to the reunion but it's in Pennsylvania which is just a mere 2600 miles from where I am currently located. ( Google maps informs me if I want to walk it would take me 33 days 18 hours and to be careful because there may not be sidewalks. ) Anyway, Linda, if you're reading this...I really want to be there!

2. I found a really cute top at Target on the clearance rack. I was very excited about it. I put it in my cart...and then noticed the Liz Lange Maternity tag. Heavy sigh. I cannot win.

3. Speaking of clothing, I'd really like to begin dressing like I know what I'm doing. Growing up from jeans and t-shirts, that sort of thing. I asked Amelia to take me shopping but then she got pregnant and I never have an extra $500 lying around so it hasn't happened. (I realize I probably don't need $'s just that I want to have $500 to spend...if I wish. And I do. Wish. Not have.) Amelia always looks great. And she can accessorize. She has a great scarf or earrings or necklace or bracelet to go with every outfit. And her shoes ... I can't even go there. I don't know how she does it. I just want to dress like that and look that put together all the time. But more than that...
I want to wear my sweats, baggy t-shirt and no bra.

4. I cannot win.

5. As I was making dinner tonight and adding chili seasoning to my pot of chili (yes...I know that's cheating) I remembered that a few years ago Mike's sister in law made chili and said, "Oh, be careful. I added chili's spicy." And then we all laughed and laughed because ... chili powder? Spicy? It still makes me laugh. She was on fire and the rest of us were all like, "Where's the salsa?"

6. We've decided to homeschool.

7. When do I need to get rid of this hoodie? Or at least, stop wearing it in public?

I can't seem to bring myself to get rid of it. I stole borrowed it from my sister before I had children. Then I wore it while I was pregnant. Then I wore it while I was pregnant. Then I wore it while I was pregnant. Then I wore it while I was pregnant. Is there an echo in here? Then I wore it when I wasn't pregnant. So not only is it riddled with holes, it looks like a pregnant woman should be wearing it. Or, more accurately, the woman who is wearing it must be pregnant.

8. My friend Melissa is going to have her fourth baby any day now. She just moved home from Colorado Springs. I missed her and I'm glad she's back. And that she's bringing a new baby with her. And her 11 month old. And her 6 and 7 year old. And her husband. But mostly the new baby.

9. My children went to VBS (vacation Bible school) two weeks in a row. Lincoln came home and started reading the Bible on his own and asking all sorts of questions. It made me happy. We got a CD of music of the songs they sang from Momma K9's neighbor and one in particular made me cry.
From the page to your heart
God's Word is where you are
Read it now and your life will change
It's exciting, surprising, each and every day
Read it now and your life will change
God's Word will surprise you
God's Word will amaze you
God's Word will surprise you
Read it now and your life will change
Oh how your life will change.
The song seems kind of bossy now that I've typed it out. Bossy in a Dora the Explorer kind of way ... you know, 'Say it with me. Say it! SAY IT!'
Regardless, I cried because it's really true. God's Word does meet me right where I'm at and reading it changed my life. It continues to change my life. It does amaze and surprise me. I won't force anyone else to read it ... but pretty much, it will change your life. More than Dave Ramsey.

10. I was asked to consider doing a photo shoot for a band. I've been obsessing over it more than I should be. And worrying about if I can do it well enough. And having a hard time believing someone may actually pay me to take pictures.

11. I have four photo shoots scheduled that are NOT of bands. I have not been obsessing over them because they are within my comfort zone. I plan on doing a great job. I wonder if I would actually work out for me to take pictures and make money.

12. I like country music. I cry every time Brad Paisley comes on. I think that's pathetic.


Bree said...

Brad Paisley, Then, made me BAWL today. That's all. :) I love you and want to enjoy a cup of coffee with you soon.

CM said...

You are so funny, my friend! The maternity top...been there! Jeans and, yeah, that's me. The hoodie...too many memories, keep it! About God's true, I've finally been making myself read a passage every morning before I go to work. It makes such a difference.

Have a good weekend and good luck with your photo shoots, you'll do fine! :-)

Melissa said...

I love you! And so happy to be home. So happy that you are going to "Lord WILLING" be there when this sweet girl finally gets born. So happy you want to take her newborn shots. And so happy I have such a sweet dear encouraging friend to start this homeschooling journey with this year. You amaze me. Watching you raise 4 kids helps me know I can do it too. Can't wait to send you that text saying IT'S TIME!!! Soon I hope!

Momma K9 said...

If that is the same sweatshirt you wiped boogers with, I say it goes. LOL! ;) Or stash it away, bring it out on a nice, cold, rainy day and savor all the memories. Even the boogers!
Melissa-if you mean she is actually going to be there for the birth-she is the best! She didn't get to share in my actual birth, they only let my husband in the OR. But....she was there up til and helped me labor, supported me, prayed for us and gave my husband breaks when needed. She is the best non-certified Doula ever!!!! I know if mine had not turned the way it did, she would have been there supporting us in every way needed to get the big, little guy out!

Momma K9 said...

Oh and one more thing...I LOVE COUNTRY MUSIC!!! Brad Paisely-cry all the time! Used one of his songs for my step-dad/daughter dance. I also tend to laugh alot at his songs. Heard a beautiful father/son song yesterday by George Strait. You will cry.

Momma Fargo said...

Awesome! Don't get rid of the hoodie until it rots off your body.Love old worn things...just like good friends.

Momma Hen said...

Bree - Just tell me when and where!
CM - The maternity top just about put me over the edge!
Melissa - I cannot wait either. For all of it!
Momma K9 - if I got rid of all my shirts that I used to wipe snot with, I'd seriously have to make Amelia go shopping with me...just wait! I'll give you two more years before you're doing it too!
Momma Fargo - Amen to that!

twyla said...

Okay this post makes me even more excited to see you next week. I don't know if it is because it sounds like a random conversation we could totally be having or because it was a bunch of little teasers that had bigger stories just waiting to pop out. Must be one of the two. I also love country music but found out today what makes me cry is seeing firemen standing in the road to "fill the boot" for kids they don't even know. Seriously, that is awesome!
BTW, saw a shirt last wkend that made me think of you. It said "God made cops so firemen could have heroes."
Anyway, I am planning lots of great things to teach Brooklyn when I see you! haha. Only good stuff, of course...*wink*

Sister Copinherhair said...

Let's go shopping. ;)

winna_linna said...

Yes, I have been reading your blog. The reunion was really good. We were there till around 8 pm. A long full day filled with love, laughter, family, friends and don't forget GOOD FOOD! I posted tons of pics on FB from the reunion. Hopefully you'll be able to attend sometime soon, although I don't recommend the walking. : ) Miss you on FB. Linda

Momma Hen said...

Sister - Yup. It's pretty obvious I need it, huh?!
Linda - I miss you on FB too! I'm glad you're still reading though ... maybe I'll sneak back on one of these days. :o)