Friday, August 13, 2010


Thank you to Yellow over at Ammo in the Dryer for the Beautiful Blogger Award. I'm supposed to list ten things about myself and pass it on.'s basically a blogging chain-letter! Ha! But, because I like to talk about myself, I shall follow the rules. Heh heh.

1. I say stupid stuff all the time. By stupid I mean offensive, off color, innapropriate. Sometimes I'm just trying to ask a question, because I'm genuinly curious, and it comes across as challenging or antagonizing. I don't intend for my words to come across that way but they just do.  For example, at the last Cop's Wives Club meeting, in front of about 12 young children I said, rather loudly, "The only good thing about condoms is no clean-up." Or last night while putting my camera away at the hospital, after holding my friend's minutes old baby, I found the strap for my bathing suit randomly sitting in my camera case and I said, "Wow! That's the best thing that's happened all day!" I was totally kidding, and my friend knew it, but you can see how I get myself into trouble. (And yeah...that's just a very mild sampling. I really prefer to not totally humiliate myself.)

2. Right now I'm reading Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert, that gal who wrote Eat, Pray, Love. I'm having a difficult time with it because I disagree with about 87% of what she's saying. I find it to be highly offensive in fact. But, I get the feeling that she's not trying to be offensive, it's just coming across that way. And as someone who is often on the wrong side of a misunderstanding (see #1), I keep reading and trying to understand her heart. Also, I never read Eat, Pray, Love so I'm pretty sure I'm  missing a huge hunk of history there. Anyway, so far the book has made me feel more defensive of my marriage, more sure about the choices I've made as a wife and mother and more determined to protect the life that my husband and I have created together. Perhaps reading it is good for me then?

3. I hate eating apples unless they are cut up into slices. I'll eat one in a pinch, if I'm starving and we're running out the door for instance, but any other time it's got to be cut up into slices or chunks. There's just something about having to figure out how to take a bit without squirting juice all over or looking like an idiot that doesn't sit well with me.

4. I have this weird habit of counting syllables with my toes. When someone is talking and I find them to be exceptionally boring, or that I am nervous, I begin to count the syllables of what they've said with my pinky and big toes. And I always have to end the sentence on my left pinky toe; if it doesn't work I add or subtract words.

5. Are you freaked out yet? Still reading? Have I lost you?
I hate traffic. It's a weird phobia...I will rearrange my schedule a ridiculous amount in order to avoid it. My friend Jen used to tease me about it mercilessly. Once I'm stuck in traffic, I'm fine - it's just the anxiety I feel when I anticipate traffic that is bizarre.

6. I have the same hatred/fear of long lines.

7. I love the idea of buying local and being green and supporting the local farmer ... it's just that Costco has better prices and really...I love the idea of not spending as much money more than I love the local farmer. Sorry guys.

8. We've been out of debt for just over a year and I still struggle with wanting to use my credit card. We had to cancel every credit account we owned because I knew I would have NO self-control. If it's there, I'll use it. I still go to Target and find myself wishing that I could just buy whatever I saw.

9. I live less than one mile from my parent's. I always think we should move and then one of my kids throws up, or I get a migraine, or I'm tired, or I don't want to make dinner and my mom comes over right away (or I go over to their house) and I realize I've got it made and moving would be really really stupid.

10. I used to be one of the only people I knew with four children. Now...not so much. Sometimes I feel like we should have had one more just so we could be all like, "Yup...we've got five kids. It's no big deal...we're just awesome". Don't worry though...we won't.

I'd love to pass this award along to

Melissa at Ramblings of the Overwhelmed. As one of my oldest friends I find it still amazes me that there are things I don't know about her. Although she did just have her fourth baby last I don't expect much!

and to

Momma K9 over at Tied by His Love. As one of my newest friends I think it is fun to continue learning new things about her.


Deputy's Wife said...

I feel ya on the always saying the wrong thing that tends to make somebody mad. I still haven't learned to keep my dang mouth shut, maybe one day (I seriously doubt that).

CM said...

I say things I regret all the time too! I'm sure your friend understood. And the condom comment...LOL! That's totally something I would do!

And Eat, Love, Pray from what I've heard goes against alot of Christian theology...but I've never read it just for that reason. Just FYI, didn't know if you knew that.

Momma Hen said...

Deputy's Wife: yeah...I don't I'll ever grow out of it either!
CM: I never read Eat, Pray, Love for that very reason. One of my friend's told me she thought it would really bug me. I don't know why I thought Committed would be any different. As far as writing goes, it is really good. The's just challenging. It doesn't 'stumble' me in my faith really, but it is a challenge.

simple_faith said...

You have time to read?!? I miss you.

Sister Copinherhair said...

I love the condom comment. I often tell clients that I understand why guys hate wearing I try to get my gloves on and off to do color.

Number 4 is just funny. I think we all have weird little quirks like that.

Okay, now you are like my MOM with the traffic thing. ;)

P.S. I got my book today. Thanks! :)