Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Remember When Wednesday: The Eviction Notice

Two years ago today I was due with our fourth child. I had never before gone that far into a pregnancy; two of my children came a week early and one was three days early so going until my due date was frustrating and exhausting, to say the least. Much to my angst and surprise, baby #4 didn't arrive until eleven days after his scheduled due date. I wrote him this eviction notice five days after his due date; six days before he actually arrived. I thought I would share it here since the 18th of August will never pass without me remembering the feelings I had on that day! (oh...and happy birthday Jessica!)

Dear Simeon,

The time has come for you to move out. You have overstayed your welcome and you must leave by tomorrow. I'm sorry to give you such short notice but I had hoped that you would be able to figure things out on your own. Since you've stayed five days longer than originally agreed to, the time has come for me to remind you that you must vacate.
I understand that you are comfortable. I know you are warm and well fed. However, when you leave you will find my arms much more comforting and the food here is good - much better than what you are getting in there. I have purchased some wonderful blankets to wrap you up nice and snuggly so you feel secure, and some wonderful friends have made larger blankets to ensure you are just as warm out here as you are in there.
I know change can be scary. I don't like it either...but this will be your first life lesson. Change is inevitable. Things will change whether you want them to or not. I wanted Lincoln to stay a baby forever, and now he is starting school. That is a scary change for me, but I cannot avoid it. Moving out will be tough for you too, but you will find that moving forward will be a much more rewarding experience than staying put.
I don't like moving. In fact, when your father and I bought this house I told him that I never wanted to move again. I hate packing and unpacking and big messes. The beautiful thing about you moving is that you have nothing to pack and any messes your move brings will be promptly cleaned up by the midwives and your dad. They have promised you won't have to do a thing. I won't either...isn't that wonderful?
Your brothers think you don't want to move because you don't like your name. Simeon means he who hears and obeys. That's a lot to live up to - I understand why you may be nervous. We have little expectation that you will always obey, although that would be nice. Our Heavenly Father has forgiven us countless times for our disobedience, and we have learned from Him that forgiveness is essential. That will be your second life lesson - God (and Mom and Dad) will always forgive you and never stop loving you. So don't worry about us having unreal expectations about your level of obedience...we know you have to learn, just like the rest of us.
Are you nervous about how Brooklyn will treat you? You shouldn't be. At first I was worried how she would react to not being the baby anymore, but last night at the Pennington's wedding, Vivienne Hamblen was there, and she loved on her like you wouldn't believe. She rubbed her back and touched her cheeks - she didn't poke her eyes or hit her face. She even tried to kiss her. When you move out, she will love you so very much. The other day she sat in her rocking chair next to me while I was in mine and we rocked together. She held her baby and I wished I was holding you.
Are you nervous about being born at home? Your dad was nervous at first too. But Darlene and Molly have really reassured him. They are prepared for nearly any emergency. They have both delivered many babies and know exactly what to do. They promise not to rush you and let you take your time, as long as you are actually moving out. They had me order a special kit so we have all the tools at home that you will need to make a safe transition into our home. They aren't even worried if you poo. Lincoln, Judah and Brooklyn all did before they were born - I know it can be embarrassing, but I don't really care about baby poo and Darlene and Molly said they are ready to clean it all up and have special equipment if you really feel like you need it. Our home is very nice. Great Grandma Bergman made you a beautiful bassinet to sleep in, but for the first little bit I'll probably let you sleep in bed with me and Dad. I really like snuggling and I know that will be very important to you for the first few nights. I know it will be hard for me to have you at home, but I am excited for the challenge. If you are worried about hurting me, don't be! I have done this three times before and feel ready for anything you can dish out. Although I won't be able to take medicine if something hurts, I'm not concerned. I wasn't able to have medication when Judah was born and so far his birth has been one of the best experiences I've had.
I am becoming more and more uncomfortable. I cannot sleep through the night, I cannot roll over in bed, I cannot hug your father all the way anymore, I cannot lift up your brothers and sister, I do not have a lap, I have constant heartburn, my hips are sore and it hurts to go from sitting to standing. When you move it feels like my skin is breaking open, when you turn your head I think my pelvis may explode. I pee my pants without even knowing and I have to use a brillo pad to get rid of the itch on my tummy. If your Grandma with Brown Hair calls one more time to ask if you've moved I may climb a wall - and you know how uncomfortable that would be for me. You must move out. Your deadline is tomorrow. If you are not out by tomorrow I will be forced to take drastic measures - I may use castor oil but I am not opposed to something more drastic, like cutting myself open or reaching in and grabbing you by the foot.
Please consider this your official eviction notice. I trust we will see you by tomorrow.

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Twyla said...

The eviction notice is awesome. I am sure it will be Simeon's favorite thing to read when he is old enough to read. The picture, however, looks so painful. Thank God that baby came out before you exploded!!