Saturday, July 10, 2010

Three things. Oh wait, four things.

Ok, a couple of things. First, I got my hair cut yesterday. Since Evil Jen left and moved to Texas... four years ago ... I still haven't found anyone to cut my hair. I've certainly had it cut - I've paid good money and not so good money - but never ever ever has it looked as good as it does when Jen cuts it. So usually I just wait until they come up for a visit and let her sleep on my kids' bedroom floor and then let her repay my generosity with a free do. But, I haven't seen her since November and she's not coming here until September and my hair...oh my hair. So, I went and got it cut. It's ok. Nothing a visit in September won't make better.
This morning on our way to the beach I told Mike, "I realized this morning I look like a 31 year old ... gulp ... mom." (um...I'm only 30 so I was feeling preeety old.)
He snickered and looked at me and said, "I don't know what that's supposed to mean. What made you think that?"
I sighed, rather loudly and poignantly, and replied sorrowfully, "My haircut. And bathing suit."
He just snickered some more and grabbed my leg and said, "Honey, you don't look like a 31 year old mom to me." Which may not sound very romantic to you, but it meant the world to me.
Then Brad Paisley's song One in a Million came on and I started to cry (ooo...that's out of the ordianary.) and I felt very stupid because, it's not like it's my actual husband singing to me but I couldn't help but think that if my husband were a famous country singer, that's the song he would sing to me. (I think this because one time it was on the radio and he said to me, "Honey, I wish I had written this song for you." It's not that my thinking is all out of whack.) Anyway, I'm in the car, crying, trying to hide it so I don't get teased when I look at my husband and he is smiling at me adoringly (I swear he had a tear in his eye) and says, "I think the timing of this song is perfect." Then I really started crying and I think if the kids weren't in the car we probably would have pulled over and had a mad make-out session.
Second, I think crying at Brad Paisley songs probably makes me old.
Third, we went to the beach today. It was wonderful. The thing about living in Western Washington is, yeah, we get a lot of rain, but the sun - oh, the sun. It really doesn't get better than here when the sun is out. You have two sets of mountain ranges, gorgeous views, and water just about every which way. We went out to Kayak Point and you would have thought we took the kids to Disneyland they were having so much fun. It was the perfect way to spend a Saturday.

Oh, and fourth. I do look like an old lady in my bathing suit. Whatev's. After seeing other women in their bathing suits though I am rethinking my angst at wearing a bikini. Also, tanning oil with SPF 8 is not good sunscreen. After removing my suit I still look like I'm wearing one. Yikes. Thank God for aloe.

Was that five things?

I would just say that this picture makes me smile. A lot. It's just all summery and beachy...and all the shoes are in one location.

This is a shrimp. I can't remember the type. Regardless, the kids thought it was awesome and seeing it made me a little hungry.
The real reason I love this picture though is the hands. I love Mike's hands. Manly. Strong. Thick. Not afraid of working hard or getting dirty. And never without his wedding band. I just really really love his hands.

This is my life. Right here. If this is all I have, then I have everything.

See? Mountains, trees, water, life. Love.

I can't help but hope that someday Simeon's wife will love his hands as much as I love his dad's.
The next few pictures are just my attempts at being artsy-fartsy.


CM said...

I love the pier at the end and the shot of your whole family with your quote underneath. I often think to myself, "I have all that I need."

Momma K9 said...

Perfect! Perfect day and perfect pictures! Now, I want to go there! I will not be wearing or even trying on a bikini to wear though. you are braver than I. I have not put on a bikini, in 10 years!
And now after reading this I feel old. Thanks. :)
Oh, and we must be havign the same thoughts of this is all I need. Just before reading this I blogged on pretty much the same idea!

Momma Hen said...

CM: thank you. We are so blessed, aren't we?
Alison: I didn't actually wear a bikini!! Oh no no! Just seeing all the other ladies who put one on and probably shouldn't made me realize that someone will always look worse than I do! Ha! That sounds really evil, huh?

Sister Copinherhair said...

Okay, first of all, I almost fell off my chair when you said "Evil Jen." Follow me ex husband's soooooon to be second ex wife is labeled Evil Jen by all that know her. Her first husband's new wife's name is also Jen so he began calling her Evil Jen, aka EJ, in order to differeniate between the two.

Whew! That was overwhelming. And by the way, the haircut she gave my kid one day...definitely NOT COOL. Oh yeah, I had a lot to blog about back in those days.

Anyway, I love your pictures! They are fantastic! I am the world's worst picture taker so I am very envious of you. Glad you enjoyed a sunny day...even if your sunscreen failed you.

Momma Hen said...

Sister Copinherhair: What?! Haha! That was hard to follow but DIFFERENT EVIL JEN! I promise!! I only call Jen evil because she dared to move away from me. How dare she leave my hair in such a bind.
Aren't you a hairdresser? How can someone else cut your son's hair? I mean, how could even feel the freedom to? I guess maybe I understand the Evil Jen a little bit... :o)

Sister Copinherhair said...

EXACTLY. I am a hairdresser and to explain how she felt she had the freedom to do that, all I can tell you is that she is mentally ill. No kidding. She is the only one who won't/can't admit it. I was so incredibly angry that I screamed and cried and shook. And that was her goal. Later, I learned that my ex didn't know about it either until he got home from work. Someday, I should blog the whole story. She was a huge upset in my life but I am a stronger and better person today for having survived it.

twyla said...

You need to take a trip down here. You would fall in love. We have mountains, hot springs, waterfalls, river, forests and too much sun (my only complaint). Oh, and we are not too far from the majestic ocean.