Sunday, July 18, 2010

Jamie the very worst missionary

Recently whilst purusing the site Stuff Christians Like I somehow happened upon Jamie the Very Worst Missionary. I really really like her. A lot. I like her in the sort of, "I wish you could be my BFF" kind of way. She's honest, and funny, and a Christian ... and well...a missionary. I'll admit that I'm sort of a stalker and I hope she'll post something today because I really want something to think about and laugh about and say, "Oh are so funny and SO right!"
Lucky me because she did post something today so I had a little laugh before getting my family ready for church. I think you should check out her blog, especially today's post, if you need a good chuckle. And also if you need something to mull over and challenge you. Ok, maybe the mulling should be reserved for some of her other posts...regardless, check her out!

If you can't spank 'em, join 'em. By Jamie the Very Worst Missionary

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Katie said...

I LOVE this lady!!!! I think she is my SOUL SISTA!!!! Thanks for the new find! Love it! xo