Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Growing Up

The thing about being gently led is that sometimes it doesn't feel so gentle. Maybe because I associate gentle with easy? They are different, I know. Perhaps today is one of those days when I need to be handled extra gently because it isn't easy.

This sounds stupid. 

This baby, right here. The one with the crazy Benjamin Franklin style hair ...

This one, who looks drunk, but I promise you, is not. He's just up way past his bedtime and has had way too much sugar. I promise.

This morning, this baby ...
He became a real boy. A real boy with a real hair cut.

I can't stand it.

I want to curl up in bed and suck my thumb.
( and after looking at this picture, I also want to buy a new couch. )

But, I won't.

Because right now this baby who is no longer a baby is staring at me saying, "Hold you."

So he still needs me.

A little. 

Today I am glad for the kind and gentle leading of our Lord because this stupid hair cut is ridiculously tough on me. But the Lord knows, and He's leading me through it.

It sounds stupid. I know. Thankfully the Lord can handle it - especially since I can't.

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Sister Copinherhair said...

Don't feel bad. I had to give my son his first haircut at sixth months. He was born with a mullet and it never fell out. He really needed it cut by four months but I held off for another two. I couldn't have any kid of mine walking...or crawling...around with a MULLET! :)