Monday, July 5, 2010

From the Fourth...

It's cold here in Washington. At least, it was this weekend. I had high hopes that our Independence Day would also bring a little independence from the cold and so ...

Yeah. I was totally that person.

But I did get this picture - which I happen to think is awesome and very "4th of July" appropriate so maybe socks and flip flops can be considered my muse? Or ... not.

These are all the grandchildren on Mike's side. Mike's mom was in grandma heaven. My children had more candy than they have in the last year. Whatever. They're all together so rarely. Grandma's should be allowed at least once a year to do that, right?

Mike, his sister, her husband, Mike's mom, his uncle and his niece all have birthdays in July. So they did a sort of 4th of July/Birthday party for everyone kind of thing. It was cute. The one blowing out the candle does not have a July birthday. It's how we roll. Apparently.

I love watching people watch fireworks. Poor J...once his cousin told him fireworks would kill him he refused to leave the house. Tortured soul.

I watched my nephew and his utter enjoyment at explosion after explosion and thought about how thankful I am to be living where I live.

I hope you had an enjoyable Independence Day weekend as well!


CM said...

Socks with go girl! ;-)

Glad you had a good 4th!

twyla said...

I totally rock the socks and flip-flops look. FYI toe socks are inexpensive and really help keep the toesies warm and provide the adequate opening space for the flip-flop toe divider.