Monday, July 19, 2010

First Family Photo Shoot

I did my first family photo shoot for my sister the other day. It was tough for a couple of reasons...ok, really only one reason.
Aaron, my brother in law, has tall hair. It always looks good. And it is always tall.

I'm not a professional yet AARON! I can't always get your HAIR in the shot! ARGH!

But it's still a cute picture.

Here are the rest of my fav's. I know I've got a ways to go as far as how the technicality of everything goes, and especially how the editing goes, but it's coming along. I'm thankful for all the friends and family who are letting me experiment on them.

My sister is amazing. She gave birth to this little chub-a-lub at home. Her first labor and delivery and she breezes through it. Perhaps breeze is a bit of an understatement...regardless, she's amazing. You should meet her.

I know these pictures are kind of cliche and everyone does them, but I think the reason everyone does them is because they are really cute. Especially when you are a fat baby and your parents like each other. And your dad has tall perfect hair.

I can't decide if she is praying, tolerating, or wincing. Or all three?
 Either way, this one's getting framed.

My sister has a thing for feet pictures. I wanted to get hands in there too. 

Happy families are the best, aren't they?

And thumb's up to you too Boo. Thanks for letting me take pictures of the fam.


Momma K9 said...

The pictures came out great! Your sister looks beautiful and of course that lil E is A DOR A BLE!!!!
I love the feet pics and the one with mom and dad kissing in the background. So sweet! Why do all photographers want kissing pictures? OUr wedding photog made us kiss a million times, it was torture! ;)
Can't wait to let you practice on us!

twyla said...

I love the parents kissing in the background picture. I have never seen that before so I will always remember it as your signature pose. =)