Monday, June 7, 2010

Tidbits from a Day in the Life in the Hottie Household

Because I canceled my Facebook and blogging is my last public outlet ...

1. B: I'm not a tattle tale. I don't even have a tail.
    Me: Being a tattle tale means telling stories, or tales, about people. Yes, you are a tattle tale.
    B: But I don't have a tail.

2. J: I just farted two times. (pauses) I mean three.
    Me: (Febreeze)

3. Me to S: Do you want to go potty in the toilet?
    S: No.
    Me: You don't want to be a big boy?
    S: No.
    Me: So, all those underwear I just bought? Nothing?
    S: (farts. poops in pants.)

4. Officer Hottie: I still can't believe my truck caught on fire.
    Me: (nervous laughter) (crying)

5. L: Mom, I know a way you and Dad can never pay for a baby sitter again.
    Me: Really? How?
    L: You. You and Dad. (runs away, proud of himself.)

6: Me: (glass of wine)


Momma Fargo said...

LMAO. Those were the funniest things ever. I'll have a glass a wine with you...after I wipe the wine off my computer screen that I just spit all over and snorted up my nose. :)

Katie said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Love it!!!! Your little family is ADORABLE!!!! L's coming made me laugh out loud. Ahhhhh this is the life, isn't it??? xoxoxooxox

Twyla said...

Love it! My kids say some crazy stuff, too. I really want to get them all together when we come up there next time. We will have to chase them all with a pen and paper so we don't forget any of the crazy stuff they say.
My favorite was when my daughter was 5 and we went to my aunt-in-laws for the first time. I was so nervous because my cousin-in-law is an MIT graduate and I am, well, not. Anyway, Aunt Linda brings out the food and Olivia exclaims, "I just love chicken on the cob!" We all laughed so hard. Good times.

Jessica Benson said...

You guys are hilarious! Hahahha!

Yellow said...

J: I just farted two times. (pauses) I mean three.
Me: (Febreeze)

Change J to D, and you have my daily life with MDD. LOL so fun. I should get stock in Febreeze. . .