Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ooo....ooo...turning 30

This last weekend I turned thirty. It is so bizarre to say that I am actually thirty years old. What kills me is how, in my mind, I still feel seventeen. Kind of like, I still shouldn't be able to drive after dark and I need to be home by 10 p.m. But then I have four kids and am coming up on nine years of marriage and by most people's standards I should probably be a little bit older. Anyway, my request for my big birthday was some alone time with my hubby. He took me to my aunt and uncle's "cabin" (term used veeeeeery loosely as it is more of a dream home than anything remotely resembling a cabin) for three nights of quiet peaceful solitude. It was wonderful. I love LOVE LOVE my kids but I needed a break and some time to remember how much I love them.
Thursday I dropped all the kids off (B with my sister and the three boys with my folks), stopped by the library to get a few books (I had to see what all the Twilight buzz is about) and picked Mike up from work. Later his co-worker told me we looked like giddy newlyweds. I think we felt like giddy newlyweds. We got over to the cabin around 9:30 that night and I started reading my book while Mike watched TV (aren't we exciting?).

We spent the rest of the weekend completely relaxing. Sipping wine, watching movies, laying in bed, listening to quiet. It was more than perfect.

Even so, by Sunday I was anxious to get home. I missed all the kids, but especially S; I was achy for that little man. Literally achy. I hadn't nursed him in three days and even though I'd only been nursing him once a day I was still engorged and in pain. TMI? Sorry.

When we arrived at my folks house there was a billion (or so) cars in the driveway. I started crying. I knew what was going on. I think Mike has spent every birthday trying to make up for the awfulness that was my 21st birthday. He's outdone himself every year.

I walked in to about 100 of my closest family and friends. And my kids. Those beautiful kids.

Being thirty isn't so bad. In fact, being thirty, so far, is pretty stinking awesome.

Love my little family!

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