Saturday, June 26, 2010


Heh heh. Best sign ever.

Did you know that if you keep a 22 month old in a car seat for 5 hours straight (ok...with one little 5 minute break to let him run) that he will scream "Hold you!" for 40 of the last 90 minutes of your journey?

Did you know that you can't use your debit card with a MasterCard logo on it as a debit card in Canada?
Did you that you will gain six pounds if you eat Canadian candy for snacks and DQ ice cream cake for dessert every day for five days in a row?
Did you know that if a Grizzley bear attacks you and you play dead it will leave you alone? But if a black bear attacks you and you play dead it will eat you anyway?
Did you know hot springs smell like a perm?
Did you know that Canadians really truly say "eh?" and it is really cute?
Did you know that moose babies are called "calves" and deer babies are called "fawns" and bear babies are called "cubs"?
I didn't. I now consider myself educated.

Seriously though, what a fantastic trip. I was so nervous about how the kids would handle the 10 hour car ride. We broke it up with an overnight stay in Kamloops, BC on the way there and back. Thank God. We all were on edge by the time we stopped so it was good fore-sight on Mike's end. I was also nervous about how we would handle spending five days with Mike's sister and her family. We have always got along just fine but invading with our family of six can be overwhelming; it went splendidly.
There was so many great things we did, so many awesome things we saw but for me the highlight was simply spending time with Rebekah, Mike's sister.
When Mike and I got married she was in her senior year of High School. She was self-absorbed (being a teenager and all) and so was I (planning a wedding and all). She went to school in Canada the next year, then spent some time in Hawaii with YWAM, then back to Canada, then she married Adam, graduated from college, and then he was hired by Alberta fish and wildlife and now they live in Hinton. In the meantime, Mike and I were busy making babies, raising babies, trying to figure out how to survive on minimal sleep and getting into (and out of) debt so although Rebekah and I have always got along well and had good conversation we never really had taken the time to get to know each other. After spending a week with her, in her home, and watching her be a mother and a wife, and being able to actually talk with her and get to know her on a more intimate level...well, I'm blessed. So my highlight was getting to know my sister-in-law. Maybe that sounds silly but for me it was huge.
If you have the patience here is a sampling of the bajillion pictures I took. I cannot wait to go back again next year.


Babies make everyone happy.

The smoking gun. Oh ya.

My three boys.

B loves butterflies. She patiently waited for me to take the picture then started hopping up and down, kicking her foot around and screaming "EW! Get off bug!"

Big horn sheep. This one is a female (small horns) but she should be having a baby right now. She wasn't so instead she was chilling by the hot springs.

B and cousin Em.

Here are the very scary black bears. They were on the side of the raod just munching away.

I love this. They are all so happy!

Across the street from my sister-in-laws is a boardwalk that goes around a beaver dam. It was so cool! We actually saw a beaver.

My boys picked these tiger lily's and blue belles for me during their fishing trip.

My baby and my Baby. My heart is pitter-pattering.

You'd be screaming to!


Melissa said...

If that butterfly had landed on Bubba I would have been on the receiving end of a major meltdown. That kid hates butterflies. Your trip looks amazing! Look at you being all adventerous in all the nature. I need to get out of my comfort zone and do that too. Someday.

CM said...

Wow, what a wonderful family trip!

I LOVE the pic of the two baby girls sitting on the grass with the mountain behind them! Glad you had a good time!

Momma Hen said...

Melissa - Someday. When you aren't pregnant for two years straight and you don't have to worry (as much) about naps! I couldn't believe I was so into it...I actually kinda want to go hiking!
CM - Isn't that picture great?! I wish all the cars hadn't been there - oh well. It was still SO lovely.