Friday, May 21, 2010

The Other Woman

There is another woman in my husband's life.
She demands his love and affection. 
She will settle for nothing less than his undivided love and attention.
She climbs into our bed and hogs the sheets.
She thinks she is a princess and the world is her oyester.
She is just over three feet tall and has such a pitch to her voice when she doesn't get what she wants when she wants it, the paint could peel right off the walls.
I've seen it happen.

Little stinker. Flirting gets her everywhere.

This is GG, the million dollar blanket. I wish they came in King size. Best. Blanket. Ever. (Most people call them the little giraffe blanket because of the giraffe on the tag. I call it the million dollar blanket because it costs nearly that. My cousin bought it for her. God bless you Melissa.)

She often says something like, "My finger isn't hungry so I CAN'T eat dinner."
Oh? Ok then.

And then she smiles, because she knows she got him, hook line and sinker.

Oh how she adores her daddy.

He's pretty fond of her too. By pretty fond I mean over the moon in love.

I can't blame him.

Cinnamon and sugar crumbs. Because Daddy ran out and bought donut holes. It's what his little girl wanted.

I would like to take this opportunity to say that my husband has lost 42 pounds and now has a jawline, which I find to be highly, highly attractive and sexy. Just sayin'.

I think she tolerates him. Just kidding. She eats this stuff up.

Oh, another one? Ok, if you must.

I think I'm framing this one.


Sister Copinherhair said...

I so envy people that can take great pictures. Mine always end up looking posed and stupid. Those pictures are absolutely adorable.

Deputy's Wife said...

Beautiful pictures! She's an adorable girl

Mrs. Deputy said...

I love that last one and it would look PERFECT in a frame! :)

Katie said...

SUCH a SWEETHEART! I have two things to say: One: Make ALL of them into a collage!! That would be SOOOOOOO SWEEET!!!
And TWO... 42 POUNDS!!!!! That's one of your children! Tell him I'm super duper proud of him! And of you!!! whoop whoop!!!


Jenney said...

I have always loved pictures of my husband with our boys. But the ones with him and our daughter...priceless. Great post, I love it!