Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Life of a Police Wife

Last night I discovered that my new washer has a cool little "Delay Start" button. I was very excited. It's the little things, you know? So I set the washer to start around 6 a.m. I figured I would be awake and that it would give me a jump start on my chores for the day.

I woke up before 6 a.m. (Unhappy sigh) Having children has ruined my sleep habits forever. So I got up and started a pot of coffee. And my washer clicked on. And then I sighed a happy sigh. Because it's the little things, remember? But then I heard a racket in the washer. Clink clink CLANK. Ugh. My first thought was that Officer Hottie hadn't removed his belt buckle, or belt for that matter, from his jeans. I paused the cycle (another feature I love) opened the door and began sorting the sopping wet mess of clothing. I realized I was washing a shirt that had a little metal clasp thing-y. It was, of course, my shirt. Oh well. I shoved everything back into the washer, unpaused it, and settled back into bed with my coffee and Bible.

That shirt is so loud. It's going to wake the kids up. Ugh. I wish it were a belt buckle. Then it wouldn't be my own danged fault. Double ugh.

The racket woke the kids up. To their credit they stayed in bed until the first number on the clock was a seven. So it was quiet-ish for me, minus the noisy clothing in the washer, so I decided it was a good start to the morning after all. We had leftover waffles (thanks Baby!) so I started popping them in the toaster.

"MOM!" screams Snuggles. "LOOK!"

Oh. Well. Ok, then. That explains it. At least my guilt over wearing shirts with metal clasp thing-y's was erased.

The life of a police wife. Bet you didn't expect this much excitement, did ya?


Deputy's Wife said...

HAHAHAHAHA I wish my washer was quiet unless a car was in it. It sounds like a rocket is going to launch every time I turn the dang thing on!

CM said...

So cute! I love this post...you had me going right up til the end!

Jenney said...

Yeah, my husband doesn't always empty out his uniform pockets and sometimes his pens end up in the wash. All I can say is there is a reason that I wash HIS clothes seperate from ours!
As far as noisy, he sometimes forgets his handcuff key (he has a kinda big one...guess the little ones get lost??) and that can clank a bit! I've never used the "delay" button on my washer yet...maybe I will try it soon :o)

April E. :) said...

Too cute!! haha!! I have ruined many a uniform shirt because Husby leaves his pens in the pockets!