Friday, January 15, 2010

You know you're a Police Wife when...

I recently joined a Christian Police Wives group on Facebook. While looking through their page I found a discussion on "You know you're a Police Wife when..." I was cracking up. I thought I'd share a few that I can especially relate to...

You always have to answer the question "Can you tell I'm wearing a gun?"
* When you're in the car with a friend and she runs a red light, you hear yourself saying, "That would have been a $124 ticket"
* Your kids wave at every police officer they see and say "daddy!" even though it looks nothing like him (other than the uniform)
* You ask to go to a certain restaurant and his reply is "we can't eat there anymore, I arrested the cook last night."
* You let your husband sit down first in a restaurant or public place so he can see all exits.
* You know the phonetic alphabet and spell your name that way when talking to customer service
* You know what nystagmus is...
* On a holiday, you send food to the station for the rest of the crew
* You hear a noise in the middle of the night and your husband does a complete "building search" of your house, "slicing the pie" through every doorway as he goes
* Holidays are never celebrated on the actual day. Neither are birthdays.
* You encourage him to go to court (overtime!!)

Those are just a few that I could relate to. Do you have any you want to share?

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Momma K9 said...

Scott and I are rolling right now! I related to several of those!