Thursday, January 28, 2010

Working on it

We've almost completed week four in our journey of weight loss. Tomorrow is our official "weigh in" day but we've been spending Thursday nights with some friends while the kids are at AWANA and you never know what kind of food may pop up...and we all need a little wiggle room, right?
Officer Hottie has lost 15 pounds and he looks great. I've lost 9 pounds and I feel great. My pants are getting loose and looking like I may need to go down a size. OH's shirts are looser around the belly. He won't get to go down a size since he is so tall and feels fairly strongly about exposing the lower part of his abdomen to the public. Also, a smaller size won't help the "Can you tell I'm wearing a gun?" issue, so he'll be sticking with the current t's. It's been good for him at work too since a few of his colleagues are also trying to lose a few. I'm proud of him, of us, for sticking with this. And after just one month's results I'm excited to see what happens during the next month. Maybe I'll be ready to try that 5k after all!

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