Monday, January 25, 2010

Why Daddy is NEVER home

I think my children are extremely spoiled. Let me rephrase...I know my children are extremely spoiled. Officer  Hottie has an awesome schedule. And he is home all the time. Apart from a few weeks of FTO he has been on day shift since he started with his current employer. He works 12 hour shifts, 6 a.m.-6 p.m., so they are long days, but the great thing is he is off just as much as he works. A typical two week block looks something like this:
Mon., Tues - OH works
Wed., Thurs - OH is off
Fri-Sunday - OH works
Mon, Tues - OH is off
Wed, Thurs - OH works
Fri-Sunday - OH is off
And then it just starts all over again. It really is ideal. He is home every other weekend and at least two days during each week. It is nice that he has weekdays off too - we get to do fun things like get Costco hot dogs and go grocery shopping in the middle of the week.
According to my children, however, OH is not home enough. "Where's Dad?" "When is Dad off again?" "Why isn't Daddy home?" "Will Dada be home after this day?" The thing is, Daddy never works more than three days in a row. Ever. (Ok, once a year when he has to go to refresher training, he works four whole days in a row. My poor children.) The way they talk about it you would think he's never home. Our daughter, quite literally, asks if men in the store are her daddy. Really? Does that man look like the guy who put you in bed last night? Who gave you three kisses. And a glass of water. And another kiss. Are you seriously asking me who your father is?
Daddy makes pancakes. Mommy does not. I only make boring ol' French toast. And lunch. Everyday. And dinner. So I understand why they want him to be home more often. I'm not complaining that my kids like to have their dad around. I really like having their dad around. I just think it's funny that they think he's never here...and I think it's funny they are so spoiled and they don't even know it. Childhood really is wonderful, isn't it?
This was taken on a Thursday. Because OH was off. So we went to the ocean to escape the heat of the summer. On a Thursday. When normal people are working. The kids just don't get it.

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Momma K9 said...

They will when they get older! They will appreciate these memories and the blessing of having dad home so much.
I think weekdays off are the best! Soctt and I did so much last summer and avoided the big crowds. Bonus to being a Policce Officer's wife!