Sunday, January 31, 2010

What kind of police officer...

...stays in bed all day?

An undercover cop! Hyuk-hyuk.

Courtesy of Laffy Taffy.

We had a birthday party for my nephew today. Officer Hottie was working, of course, so he missed out on the "balloon room", piƱata and birthday cake. As usual. He also missed my cousin's son's birthday party Saturday night. I really hate that he misses out on family functions. I know he hates missing out too. When I ran (literally...I was running) into church this morning, late (as usual) my friend Alison told me she'd been worrying about how she was going to make it to church by herself with one baby (due in April. Can't wait to meet you Samuel!) when I plopped my stuff down next to her before running back out to get the two I hadn't put in Sunday School yet, where they belonged. (Is that a run-on sentence? Sorry. Taking a breath now.) Alison is amazing and is going to do fine - you're going to do fine! - but I do hear that a lot. "How do you do it?" I do not know. I just do. That's how. I don't know any better? Is there another way to do it? Is there a secret someone hasn't shared with me? Is there a way to get around doing this? And while we're on secrets, does anyone want to tell me how to get anywhere, ever, on time with four children?
The truth is, I miss when OH isn't there. Life is so much easier when he is there to hold the baby and I can drink my coffee without having to figure out how to maneuver it into the diaper bag so it won't spill. It is nice to walk into church together and listen while teases me about how long it took me to pick out my outfit. That is not an admission of guilt in the whole 'getting there on time' dilemma. It sure is easier when he is at the birthday party to help get the kids' food on their plates and to help make sure they don't grab the new presents from the birthday boy. And to make sure the baby doesn't go into the balloon room and eat balloons.
I don't think I thought of these things when I signed up to be a police wife. I don't think I really put much thought into having to attend Thanksgiving on my own, not getting to sleep in on Mother's Day, not being able to celebrate Christmas on Christmas, having to get four kids ready (who decided we should have four kids anyway?) for church by myself on Sunday...
So what is it that bothers me? It's not really that he misses things, but it's that I miss him! I really like my husband and I want him to be there with me! All the time! I'm as bad as the kids. He worked a whopping three days in a row and I find that I am so eager to spend the next two with him by my side. A good sign I think as we're headed into our ninth year of wedded bliss.
And apparently I need him too. Because heaven forbid I make sure the baby isn't eating balloons in the balloon room.
I guess doing all the things I have to do by myself because Officer Hottie is working is good for reminds me of how much I like him and need him. And now he's I think I'm going to go tell him.

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Momma K9 said...

thanks for the vote of confidence. But as I was trying to grocery shop after church and halfway through had to pee like a racehorse (thank you Samuel for using my bladdar as a pillow) and didn't know how to leave half a cart of grocery or how to continue shopping with each step hurting. I finished, loaded car then ran back in to pee. I missed my hubby too. things are that much better because he is there, and not just because it is easier but because, I too like to be with him always!