Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I just finished watching a video montage of Deputy Mundell's funeral. There was one picture in particular that made me cry; he's putting ornaments on the Christmas tree with his son and he's wearing a t-shirt and boxers. That picture could have come out of my living room. It is rare that Officer Hottie is wearing pants when he's at home. If he's got his boxers on, it's good enough. Just a random t.m.i. tidbit I thought I'd share.
Watching the pictures takes me straight back to 3 1/2 years ago when Officer Hottie's co-worker, Ed Thomas, was killed while on duty. Although they say he died of natural causes, his death was preceded by a five minute fight with the ex-mayor of the city they worked in, so it has always been difficult for us to accept that it was "just his time". I didn't know Ed very well, but he and OH were pretty close. Hottie was on night shifts, and Ed was on day shift, so when OH was checking out and Ed was checking in they had time to visit. On the day Ed died Hottie had spent a good 30 minutes after his shift to visit with Ed, and I'm glad he did. His death was so sudden and unexpected and there are days that I think Hottie still gets caught up in the "what if's" and "if only's" of it all. Watching Deputy Mundell's funeral is ripping that scab off my heart and bringing back such raw memories of watching my husband's pain and heartache. That was so difficult for me. I didn't know how to help him, I didn't know what to say. I felt so helpless. I honestly don't remember how we got through it. He talked with our pastor and that lifted a huge weight off his shoulders and he has become close with some of Ed's other friends, and that has given him a place to remember Ed. There are a few things about Ed's memorial that I remember so clearly; the most impacting was when we first arrived at the funeral home to wait for the hearse. We were there waiting for a bit but all of sudden it sounded like an airplane taking off. I kept looking at the sky until I realized it wasn't an airplane but the motorcycles from the motorcade beginning to leave. At the same moment this was happening I noticed a building across the street from us that was under construction. On the roof were all the construction workers, standing still, with their hard hats covering their hearts. I can't even describe the emotions that brought up in me, but there was something about seeing those very masculine manly men saluting Ed and the rest of the officers, and the rumble of the motorcycles that still gets me.

These last eight weeks of loss have made me revisit those weeks following Ed's death quite often. Hottie's loss has helped me to better know how to pray for the officer's families and friends. I also pray that the Lord will use these tragedies to bring salvation to many. In the wake of Ed's death Hottie was left wondering if he had been bold and open about his faith. I wonder, in the aftermath of all this recent death, if we all will be more bold about our faith. I truly hope we will. The only thing that can get us through tragedy is the Hope we have for heaven and the only true comfort can be found in Jesus. As another hero is laid to rest I pray that the Lord will work in me so that I may be more bold in sharing the story of the one true Hero who made a sacrifice that would save us all.

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