Monday, January 11, 2010

Finding some support

Last week on one of Officer Hottie's days off we went to Home Depot. Last summer we repainted the living room and dining room. It's embarrassing to admit we still aren't finished. I haven't hung any pictures back on the walls, the ceiling hasn't been touched yet and our front window still has no window coverings. It's a long window that almost goes to the floor and our kids love to sit there and watch the street in front of our house. It's really a fun window and before we painted we had a curtain covering it, but we redid the trim and the curtain rod didn't look good anymore so we've been planning on buying blinds and have never got around to it. So there we are, at our local Home Depot, looking at blinds (which we did not buy.) As we were walking around the store we saw this huge display of blue lights with a sign that read "Support your local Law Enforcement". It was SO cool! Around Christmas there was a Facebook campaign that asked people to either put a blue light on their front porch, or a string of blue lights up, to show support for law enforcement. It was neat to see single strands of blue lights up everywhere. These are the lights that were up at our house.

Recently there was an interview done with some of the families of the four murdered Lakewood officers. One of the wives asked people to put a blue bulb in their porch light to continue showing support. It seems like the community listened! I think it is so great that even our businesses are showing support for our law enforcement and it helps to ease my fear a little, knowing that, generally speaking, my husband and his colleagues are loved and respected by the community. If you would like to to purchase your own blue light bulb to show your support for law enforcement click here.

Click here for the article on the amazing Lakewood spouses.