Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Combining Passions

There are a few things in life I'm crazy passionate about. First is my family. I am a homemaker and I love raising my family. People ask me often, "Will you go back to work when the baby is in school full time?" NO WAY! I love this job I have and just because the kids won't be here all day doesn't mean there isn't stuff to do! So, family, passion #1.
Secondly, I am passionate about finances. I know that sounds weird, but my husband and I just recently worked our way out of $27,000 in debt. We went from barely making ends meet every month to working our tails off and getting rid of the debt burden in 14 months. I am passionate about staying out of debt and never owing anything to anyone. I may write our story sometime in the future...we'll see. Our experience has made us fairly obnoxious when it comes to debt. I get a thrill from helping people make budgets and figuring out what they can sell in order to pay off a credit card. So, as bizarre as it is, I am totally passionate about finances.
Thirdly, I am passionate about law enforcement. Also kind of weird, because really it's just my husband's job, but I think it goes hand in hand with my first passion...family. Law enforcement is a family and although Officer Hottie's colleagues don't get the same kind of care from me as our own family, I still feel passionately about respecting, protecting and taking care of them.
Which leads me to how I combine all of these things. So far, I haven't. This morning though, I was thinking about how great it is that Officer Hottie and I have been so committed to working out and losing weight. Which led me to wondering if I would be able to do a triathlon. My answer was no. But that led me to wonder if maybe, just maybe, I could do a 5 or 10k this summer...which made me wonder if there is a charity out there that I would like to support...which made me think that we really need a charity out there for law enforcement. So, I started thinking about how can I combine my passion for finances and my passion for law enforcement? I guess the answer is that I'm not totally sure. I just know that I want to. I'd like to help law enforcement families who are struggling financially, either because of poor choices (in which case I'd like to have the education to help them) or circumstances (medical bills, etc.). I'm  not really sure where to begin but I should probably start with prayer! Just like with the Cop's Wives Club I know I am getting ahead of myself, putting the cart before the horse so to speak. I haven't even tried to run a 1k yet, let alone a 5/10k! But I am excited about these passions that seem to be springing up in me and I can't wait to see where they take me.


Momma K9 said...

Really? You are going to start running? Yes! I will have a new partner for when Scott can't go with me! I'll train ya! You will be running a 10K by summers end for sure! :)

Momma Hen said...

Ok, let's do it Ali!