Thursday, December 31, 2009

So it begins Pt 2

Once Officer Hottie got the call to do backgrounds he had a ton of paperwork to fill out. He had to come up with references and give the names, addresses and phone numbers for just about everyone he knew. When I would see someone at church or run into them while shopping it seemed almost inevitable they would say something to the effect of, "Oh, so I got a call from the City asking about OH!" It was exciting but really nervewrecking too. I was concerned something would come up from someone who didn't like him or his family and that would be it. His parent's had recently gone through a trial at their church with nasty accusations thrown at them and I was worried those accusations, although false, would somehow sway the City's view of him. On my way to the zoo with our kids one day, they finally called me. The call went differently than I had thought it would; the gal seemed a little scattered and unorganized. But, I had two kids, so I usually was too and it didn't concern me at all. The two most difficult questions she asked me were "What are OH's three best qualities?" and "What are his three worst?" It may sound cheesy, but narrowing down what I loved about Officer Hottie was really tough. I don't even know for sure what I said, but I do know I mentioned how important maintaining his integrity and character were. He just doesn't compromise, which is one of many things I adore about him. Coming up with something negative was even more difficult. In the whole time we'd know each other I had made a conscious effort to overlook those things I didn't like about him, and things I couldn't overlook I certainly didn't broadcast. Officer Hottie is aware of his weaknesses; I don't need to nit pick and broadcast what they are. I also have a strong sense of loyalty to him and a fierce sense of protection, so digging around to come up with something negative was totally against my own character. I think I finally said I didn't like that he played video games. How lame. I truly hope they saw how I really could find no wrong in him.
Whether they liked what I had to say or not, I don't know. But I do know he was then made a conditional offer of employment, dependent upon him passing a medical and psychological exam, which he did. Then he was in. He had the job. All we had to do now was wait until there was an opening in the academy. It was another three months before the City was able to find a spot for him. Those were a difficult three months; he was anxious to be done pushing mowers and changing light bulbs. Since we worked in the same building as the police department he would find every excuse he could to be over there chatting with the officers. He was getting tips and advice and everyday he grew more and more restless. I think he knew the finish line was just around the bend, but he couldn't see around the corner so it was hard for him to truly believe the end was close. He finally received an academy start date of October 5, 2005. We didn't know it then, but the real challenge lay ahead. But for the moment, we enjoyed the thrill of the accomplishment.

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