Saturday, November 1, 2008

Simeon slept 9 1/2 hours last night. It was wonderful. Or, it would have been had Brooklyn actually slept through the night herself. I'm not sure if it's teething or just being in a big girl bed but that lady is having a hard time sleeping through the night anymore. At least she goes back down without much trouble. I'm sure the amount of sugar that was pumped into her bloodstream after trick-or-treating didn't help much. She did have so much fun though. As did the boys. Although, at one house we were walking to the door and some motion sensors set off witches cackling and ghosts howling and both the boys went into melt-down mode. They wouldn't walk one step further and were both in hysterics. It was hard not to laugh at them, but considering the homeowner had a huge "I AM OBAMA" sign in their window I shouldn't have been too surprised that they enjoy scary things. We had Amelia and Abby Gallagher with us, which is always fun. Brooklyn really adores Abby and I love watching her interact. I hope as they get older they can stay good friends. They're just a year apart, which seems like a lot now, but by the time they're a bit older I think they'll be pretty fond of each other.
In other Wheeler news, Mike got the big snip-snip on Thursday. While we were pregnant with Simeon I never thought we'd be able to make that decision, but after he was born our family really started to feel complete. That, and I have feel like I'm in way over my head with four kids. But I'm choosing to think of it more as my family being completed than me being so overwhelmed all the time, because I know that will (hopefully?) pass someday soon. A friend of mine, she was actually one of my camper's years ago at Camp Gilead, came for a visit on Wednesday evening and brought back her boyfriend's Xbox on Thursday so Mike has been recovering well and zoning out playing Lego Star Wars and Sneak King. Yes, I said Sneak King. It's a Burger King Xbox game he borrowed from his brother. And trust me, if you find the King creepy in commercials, he is even more creepy when you watch him for 45 minutes while he sneaks up on hungry people to offer them Whoppers. (Insert shiver here)
We were supposed to head down to Portland today to see Dave Ramsey but we decided to give our tickets to Doug and Jessica. I'm very bummed; I think we need the encouragement to keep our debt snowball rolling. It seems so tough right now. But we did sit down tonight and go over our budget and redo a few things so I feel like we're back on track. We were pretty surprised to add up all our "extra" money (Mike's overtime, etc.) and look at our checkbook ledger and see that we blew through nearly 3/4 of it on little things we don't normally buy. I'm glad we had the cash to buy them, but I think of how much closer we'd be to debt free if we'd have just put it towards our car. November 5th is a new paycheck and we are determined to start hammering this out. We may be out of debt by this next summer after all...

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