Wednesday, November 5, 2008


So, our nation has elected a new president. It's been weird, because for the first time in my voting life I've been genuinely concerned about the outcome. Not that I thought John McCain was awesome, but Barak Obama scares me. I'm not a socialist, I'm pro-life, I'm pro Jesus, I don't think the government needs to take care of me...pretty much everything he IS, I'm not. I went to bed last night worrying - a lot. On the news the reporter said people were dancing and singing in the street. It was surreal; I kept thinking, "This is end times stuff." The Lord kept drawing my mind back to Matthew 24 (read it if you have a moment) and to the verses, where they are escape me right now, that talk about when the world is saying peace and prosperity the END is near. It's a wonderful and terrifying thought all at the same time. My pastor, Jim, posted this on his facebook page today. I found it to be incredibley encouraging...

10 Reasons To Be Hopeful Today.

Tonight the nation spoke. They chose a new king. He is a beautiful, articulate man and he is the pride of the nation. He is not the man that I would have chosen, but he is the man that has been chosen. My prayer is that he will govern well. I wanted to compile a short list of reasons why in this political defeat, there is great hope.
My hope for the future is not in any man. I have a King that holds the world together by the power of His word.
I have a city, a home in heaven, and though this world is passing away, there is a glorious dawn ahead. This is not a vain hope, but a promise from the Lord.
Though I lament the declining morality and faith of this great nation, I believe that it will mean fruitful labors for the church. The trials ahead will purge the church of complacency and worldliness.
The scriptures will be proven, even if in decline of the morality of my people.
The “Day of the Lord” seems clearer and closer. The events of Matthew 24 are all being fulfilled.
The kings and rulers of this world are pawns in the hands of the Lord. He is not disturbed by them, be they friend or foe of Him or His people.
The love of God still remains the most powerful weapon in the universe.
Jesus remains the supplier of all of my need. There is no government program that can fill the needs of people.
The Holy Spirit is alive in me, and will continue to guide and direct my life.
My home will be a home of peace, love, and faith, regardless of how the world around us choses to live.

After that my friend Bree commented this...

I remember distinctly the first time I saw the bumper sticker that was just plain white with black lettering, it said "Got Hope?" I was so astonished because it was on the car of someone that I had no idea "had hope" then I discovered that the "hope" this sticker was referring to was our newly elected president....
Today, I worked, and if you don't know I work in King County where the opinions of many are expressed loudly. Today seemed a bit strange to me. People who are normaly very pessimistic were suprisingly smiley and optimistic they were borderline jovial. There was laughter and I dare go so far as to say a sense of giddiness in the shop that I work in. And it was all a buzz of the amazing change that was coming as a result of this newly elected man. What is exciting to me is these people THINK that they have found hope. They THINK that they've gotten a new beginning and that change will occur in our world because of this one man. I can only imagine what the world would be like if they really " HAD HOPE" If they knew THE MAN that has already changed the entire world. How jovial and excited would they be then. Give me a whole new idea on campaigning for a leader. I have not done a good enough job of campaining for my leader in my life lately and especially in my workplace. I have a new, renewed hope today

I've got to remember all of this. The ONE, the MAN who give me my Hope, my ALL. I think with these thoughts I will sleep well tonight. I think tonight I will pray for the LORD to give my heart peace and to remember that He is in control and that I do not need to fear. I will "Look to the Lord and His strength; I will seek His face always... "(ps. 105:4)

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