Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What am I doing here?

Today I begin my blogging career. Apparently, raising four children isn't giving me enough to do. My mother in law suggested that I give blogging a try since I enjoy writing, but with the kids I haven't really made time to practice, so at the very least, my grammar will be poor. But I do think I'll enjoy having a (semi) creative outlet, since my scrapbooking supplies are gathering dust, working out is less than appealing, and updating my facebook status every ten minutes is pretty pathetic.
I decided on the title "Gently Led" based on one of my favorite Bible verses, Isaiah 40:11. My mom put it inside my valentine when I was pregnant with our first son. I taped it to the fridge and it has been there ever since. I love the idea of God gently leading me. Since there's really nothing "gentle" about raising children, generally speaking, I think God chooses to lead those of us on this parenting journey so kindly. Not only are we unkind and harsh with ourselves as we make mistakes, parenting or otherwise, but we then tend to project that onto our children. I need that gentle Voice, gentle Hand, gentle Word, gentle Shepherd, to guide and lead me. And then in turn I can take these little hearts that God has given me and instead of projecting my mistakes and failures onto them, can hand them over to the Shepherd who has so gently been leading me.
So, here we one, finished!

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